Rick & Morty is the great launch of Piticas

Rick & Morty is the great launch of Piticas

November seems so far away, but let’s not be fooled: soon, the fourth season of Rick & Morty and you’re going to want to be in uniform, aren’t you? THE Piticas, the largest pop culture and geek network in Brazil, launches a new collection of products printed with the characters of the series.

The brand brings four models of t-shirts, one in sweatpants, one in pajamas, key chains and pins and, as it could not be different, the design of the pieces are very colorful, giving the feeling of being in the intergalactic misadventures of the duo. The products start at R $ 29.90 and are available in Piticas units throughout Brazil.

Rick & Morty

The adult animation series from Adult Swim, which combines science fiction and comedy, follows the dangerous adventures of alcoholic scientist Rick and his grandson Morty, who divides his time between family life and interdimensional travel.

To mark the launch we separated four curiosities to fall even more in love with animation:

1 – The series was created, scripted and sold in one day! As soon as they created the idea for Rick & Morty, Don Harmon and Justin Roiland received confirmation of Adult Swim for the pilot and immediately started working on the script for the episode.

2 – The soundtrack is all based on bands that Justin Rolaind is a fan of.

3 – The writers do not research about science, therefore, this part of the series is all based on science fiction. If you follow and therefore believe to be an expert in these very important matters, watch out!

4 –Pickle Rick is a tribute to an episode of Breaking Bad: in the third episode of the third season, Rick turns into a cucumber to avoid having to go to a family therapy session. He ends up falling into the sewer and having to turn around to get out of there alive, even without hands and feet.

And for those who are fans of Rick & Morty, a TNT Series shows every Friday, at midnight, the three seasons of the animation. In addition, the series is available on Netflix.