‘Rich in Love’: Read the review of the original Netflix movie

‘Rich in Love’: Read the review of the original Netflix movie

Betting again on the formula of romantic comedies, the Netflix mixed love, friendship and many themes in the film .

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Like yet another romantic cliché, the Brazilian feature shows the trajectory of two hearts to unite. The film is relatively good, but it is clear that this bet was made to reach a specific audience. It is not innovative, but the channel knows that what is successful, and currently profits.

is directed by Bruno Garotti, who was also ahead of other productions of the genre, such as e, 2018.

In the plot, Danilo Mesquita plays Teto, the son of the “Rei do Tomate”, the wealthy businessman Teodoro (Ernani Moraes). Immature, accommodated and just wanting to have fun, the boy feels pressured after his father’s birthday present: a job at his tomato factory, which is not quite what he wants.

In contrast to his condition, is his friend Igor, played by Jaffar Bambirra, a humble, dedicated boy and son of the caretaker. And, as the formula says, the rich kid’s life takes a turn when a great love comes on the scene.

In the traditional “tomato party”, he meets the carioca Paula, starring Giovanna Lancellotti, a determined young woman, with a strong personality and can’t wait to become independent. After this meeting, he thinks of a plan to find and win the girl: he and Igor exchange identities to participate in the apprentice program of his father’s company, which is in Rio de Janeiro.

However, the flaw lies precisely in this role reversal, which should be very well thought out, since there are social networks and it would be easy to find them, a fact apparently ignored in the film. Friends pass by and no one discovers the confusion until they reveal it. Perhaps the most absurd occurs when the “King of Tomato”, owner of the famous company, is mistaken for the building’s caretaker.

However, the lie does not go as planned and many disagreements arise along the way. Typical of films of the genre, the boy enters in a kind of, when he begins to approach Paula and perceives realities opposite to his.

Between love and clutter, the film tries to approach, albeit in a crooked way, the divergences between social conditions and perceptions of the world. The protagonist’s questioning about himself brings up the question of privileges, leading to transformation at the end of the plot. In the midst of clichés, the film also addresses harassment in the workplace, but not with the positioning and seriousness it should.

The cast is good, handpicked. In addition to the protagonists, Fernanda Paes Leme and Alessandra Aires Landim, better known as Lellêzinha – from the Dream Team do Passinho group. However, they are not great performances in relation to other works.

The scenery is – again – the wonderful city, emphasizing its beaches and wide avenues, but also the communities. Despite being very striking in the public eye and exuberant beauty, it is not new. Several other Brazilian productions take place in Rio and highlight this landscape. However, when showing the Teodoro farm, he surprises by the extension of the plantations and the charming family house.

Perhaps the soundtrack is a point that attracts viewers and is even engaging. The selection, by DJ Alok, has electronic and pop songs, such as and. But it also has the acclaimed Rio funks, typical backwoods and even the success of Mamonas Assassinas.

Netflix official synopsis and Trailer

Teto is a rich young man who wants to win over Paula, his crush. But to do that, you need to tell a lie that can turn your life upside down.

DATASHEET: (Netflix Original)

Original title:
Duration: 104 minutes
Launch: April 30, 2020
Distributor: Netflix
Directors: Bruno Garotti and Anita Barbosa
Classification: 12 years
Genre: Romance / Comedy
Country of origin: Brazil

References: Adorocinema and Netflix