‘Rhythm In Me’ reaches Beatport’s Global Top 3 of Future House

‘Rhythm In Me’ reaches Beatport’s Global Top 3 of Future House

One month after the launch of , the result of the partnership of Pontifexx and Duncan through the Stmpd Rcrds, record label Martin Garrix, the music reached Beatport’s TOP 3 Global Future House with its Club Mix version, conquering the third most downloaded track position by DJs and fans from all over the world and sharing the first positions with artists like Tchami and Moska. With the vocals of Cammie and 2Strange, the production so pleased the Dutchman Garrix, that he gained support on his Radio Show before it was even released, as well as being played on the renowned BBC Radio 1.


is the second launch of Pontifexx on Stmpd, after the great success of its debut in the second half of 2019, with music, in partnership with Zeeba and Le Dib. Consolidating the space of Tomás Pontifex in the Dutch label and further enhancing his solid talent.

The first time we never forget. I had never had a song in the Beatport Top 3. Seeing all this reach for the Club Mix version is something surreal and I am very happy with the support received from the label. Looking forward to hearing your next releases there.

Pontifexx account.

Düncan joined the select group of Brazilian producers to have a song released by Martin Garrix’s label, showing that dreams cannot stop, even in the middle of a pandemic. “Entering the TOP 3 of the genre on Beatport means a lot to me. As a DJ and producer, I always had that dream. It is at times like this that I feel more and more motivated to continue doing what I love most – Music ”, says Düncan.

it’s a different song from the first moment. First, for the style she follows, even if within electronic music, with an innovative mix of rap. Second, due to the excellent harmony between the female and male vocals, a bet that is rarely seen in this scenario. The Club Mix version has a higher BPM (beats per minute) than the Radio version, but keeps the mysterious elements on the break to culminate in an interesting build with a striking rhythm. The music appeals to fans of electronic music as well as those of other styles.

Pontifexx and Düncan show that, in addition to a friendship of years, the synergy in the studio is yielding unprecedented fruits for both projects. Whether you’re a fan of electronic music or not, enough to occupy the space of “new favorite song” of the moment! Listen now and understand why the track joined the Beatport’s TOP 3 Future House.