Remember the five best Disney Channel films

Remember the five best Disney Channel films

THE Disney Channel had a golden era in the 2000s, with its series and movies who won the hearts of every child and teenager who followed the channel every day. There were several talents and celebrities that we see today in Hollywood, and many of them started in some films. The first ones left there and I’m sure you danced and sang (even if wrong) with a lot of these films.

Only those who lived this time know the good feeling it is to watch these films again and how special they are in our hearts. So I listed the five best Disney Channel movies and that, if you haven’t watched it yet, you should run now to watch it.

Best Disney Channel Movies

5 –

tells the story of four completely different young people who end up in detention together with the mission of organizing an old music room in the basement of their school and who end up creating a friendship, after playing the instruments together in the room and creating a band, Lemonade Mouth , name named after the lemonade machine in the school basement. The band has to face some challenges together, going through sabotage and even a big fight until they reach the top and achieve success.

Despite being one of the most recent films (released in 2011), featuring a new generation of Disney, it is still a film loved by those who watched it, filled with incredible music and a captivating story.

Cast stars Bridgit Mendler (), Addam Hicks (), Naomi Scott (), Blake Michael () and Hayley Kiyoto (Scooby-e). They, for sure, will win your heart with this beautiful story of friendship.

best disney channel movies

4 –

The, or, tells the story of Princess Rosalinda (Demi Lovato) who had to flee his country, Costa Luna, after being threatened by an evil dictator during his coronation.

Using the name Rosie Gonzalez, the princess takes refuge in Louisiana with Major Mason (PPP program agent) and her daughter, Carter Mason (Selena Gomez), an ordinary American teenager. Carter is assigned to help Rosie become like her and, despite being very different and having different conflicts during the film, they become friends.

The film is so beloved for featuring two of Disney’s most beloved actresses, Demi Lovato () and Selena Gomez (). The public already had a huge affection for both and was even more excited with the release of a film that portrays the friendship of the then best childhood friends.

The story is captivating and brings the story of princesses in a very different and modern way, which will make you laugh several times. And, of course, with a special detail of the song, a very fun duet between Selena and Demi.

disney movies

3 –

is a gigantic phenomenon on the Disney Channel, known worldwide and loved by many. When they announced that the series would have a film, the fans were very excited and the success that the film was at the time it was released was unbelievable. And the story is immersive and brought incredible songs, such as the famous one. Even though Disney has released so many films about its hit series, this is certainly the most special of all.

The story tells about Miley Stewart’s trip (Miley Cyrus) back to Tennessee when her father believes she needs time back to connect with her roots, when she realizes that Hannah’s fame is going through her head, especially after her fight with Tyra Banks in a store. shoe appear in all tabloids.

It’s a super cute story of Miley reconnecting with the simplest life and warms the heart of any fan.

Hannah Montana: The Movie

2 –

Disney always gets it right in their music productions, and it was a hit when it was released. Was responsible for launching Demi Lovato and Jonas Brothers at Disney with his presence in the cast, being the perfect recipe for success, and the film won everyone’s heart with its funny and different story, bringing the theme of the music camp that had never been addressed by Disney. The film was so acclaimed that it even won a sequel years later and its songs are iconic.

tells the story of Mitchie Torres (Demi Lovato), a young woman who wanted to go to Camp Rock music camp, which her family could not afford, until her mother gets a job as a cook at the camp and takes her daughter along to work with her.

During that year, the pop band of the moment, Connect 3, is invited to the camp to give dance and music lessons for a month. When Shane (Joe Jonas), a member of the band hears Mitchie singing, falls in love with his voice, even though he did not know its owner. He starts looking for this girl all summer long and well … the rest is history.

Camp Rock

1 –

tells the story of two young people, Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens) and Troy Bolton (Zac Efron), who meet at New Year’s Eve and become friends after singing together in karaoke. When the school year returns, Troy returns to school and meets the same karaoke girl, who has just been transferred to East High School in Albuquerque.

The plot develops around the spring musical and the jealousy of Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale), the theater club president, of the new girl taking her place in the performance as soon as she sees her name on the audition list.

The films that followed narrate the plot of the relationship between Troy and Gabriella, the conflicts with Sharpay and also Troy’s indecision between theater and basketball. Without forgetting also the friendship and the incredible music and choreography.

The success of is unbelievable. To this day, the premiere of his second film defends the largest audience on the Disney Channel, so much so that he made his third film go to theaters. Those who have followed the story over the years have a huge affection for it and it is inevitable to get emotional when watching or not singing along with them. The songs and choreography are incredible and anyone has fun watching and remembering the good times they had with the series.

High School Musical

Of course, other incredible films were released by Disney. We have to make some honorable mentions for,,,,,,,,, and many others. But the list focused on those who all love and carry enormous affection to this day.

Remember with me some songs that will take you back to that incredible time.