Releases of the day: songs by Selena Gomez, Lexa and more

Releases of the day: songs by Selena Gomez, Lexa and more

This Friday (10) has already started hectic and full of music releases. Among them there are Selena Gomez, Lexa and much more.

So check it out:

I love you

If you don’t release music after having a beautiful boy is an excuse, I love you unaware.

Thus, the singer made a point of releasing the song that composes the project.

Selena Gomez

Not just a song, but an entire album. Thus, Selena Gomez returns to music after 5 years without a studio album.

Incidentally, the singer and actress also reports, in this new project, her love life with singer Justin Bieber.

J Balvin

However, we don’t just have songs and albums as releases of the day. But we also have a brand new music video from J Balvin of the hit.

Silva and Ivete Sangalo

However, it has a partnership too. Like this, Ivete Sangalo and Silva today released the song.

Lexa and MC Jottapê

And she doesn’t settle at all. Lexa and MC Jottape released the newest hit of the summer.

Gustavo Mioto and Wesley Safadão

And there is also backcountry. About this, Gustavo Mioto launched the song in partnership with Wesley Safadão.

Daniela Mercury

But isn’t it that carnival is coming? Thus, Daniela Mercury released his newest album.

Alicia Keys

But look what a gift to the fans, huh? Like this, Alicia Keys presents you and your video clip.

Francisco Gil

And is not that the son of Preta Gil, Francisco Gil, also launched your solo career with the album today?

Grandson of Gilberto Gil, Fran sounds light on a solo album in which he revolves the Bahian root of his grandfather with freshness


In addition, it was the singer’s turn Halsey also when launching the video clip of, which is part of his unpublished album.

Therefore, the least that the fans expected was drooling for sure. And, thus, the morning of launches ends with a flourish.