Released list of possible characters that should appear in the Dark Justice League series for HBO Max

Released list of possible characters that should appear in the Dark Justice League series for HBO Max

Fans of A.D celebrated yesterday when we learned that HBO Max has officially confirmed that it develops a Dark Justice League series.

As over the years, in the comics, the team of “dark” heroes had many characters, the big question that remains who should appear in the long-awaited series?

According to the Beyond The Trailer channel, the formation of Dark Justice League would be given by the following characters: Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Jason Blood, the demon Etrigan, and even the Swamp Monster.

Check out a summary of who they are:


Photo: Warner Bros Animation

John Constantine has experienced the hidden forces since he was a child, where in the comics he was responsible for the death of his twin brother before they were born, which led Constantine’s mother to die in childbirth.

Being raised by his older sister, Constantine developed his first experiments with black magic as a teenager. He discovered many of the spells on his own and joined several groups.

Its main features are messy hair, beige overcoat, and of course, your cigarette. One of the curiosities is that the character’s look was inspired by the singer Sting.

A retour au premier plan pour Constantine?Actor Matt Ryan as the character in the NBC series canceled after 1 single season, the character today participates in Legends of Tomorrow
Photo: NBC

He manages to manipulate reality, he can summon demons, and hellfire (for spending time there), and he is still as lucky as anyone.

The character has already been played by Keanu Reeves in the film released in 2005, and by the actor Matt Ryan in the world of the 2014 series.


Zatanna (DC Animated Film Universe) |  Heroes Wiki |  FandomPhoto: Warner Animation

Zatanna is one of the best known figures among Dark Justice League.

Daughter of a magician and a witch, Zatanna Zatara appeared in the comics in the 60s. She was described as a character of great beauty, but also quite powerful. After suffering from a curse she was prevented from seeing her parents again, and was on a mission to find them again.

She works as an illusionist, and is best known for her classic uniform with a top hat, and only the top of a tuxedo. She even wears fishnet stockings to complete the look.

Zatanna, as we said, is super powerful and conjures her spells with phrases spoken backwards.


Photo: Warner Animation

Deadman’s character is best known in Brazil as Challenger who appeared in DC comics in the 60s.

Deadman got his name from being the ghost of Boston Brand, who worked for years as an acrobat and trapeze artist in a circus. Upon being murdered, he swore revenge on the one who killed him and returned to Earth to find his murderer.

Their main ability is to be able to possess the bodies of humans.

The Demon Etrigan

Etrigan - The Demon - DC Legends Mobile Fan GuidePhoto: DC Comics

Created in the 70s, the origin of the demon Etrigan comes from medieval England. He was summoned to Earth by his half brother, the Wizard Merlin, to help Camelot.

Merling imprisoned the demon in the body of Jason Blood, a knight of King Arthur who gained immortal powers, but who could only appear when summoned.

One of its main characteristics is to speak in rhymes.

Swamp monster

Swamp Thing: DC will produce series about the Swamp Monster ...Photo: DC Comics

One of the versions of the character in the comics is by Alec Holland, a scientist who is transformed into a green monster after an explosion in his laboratory exposed him with chemicals.

In 2019, a series about the character was aired that ended up being canceled. Read more here.


HBO Max is scheduled to launch in the US in May.