Relationship between Sony and E3 continues to cool, but the divorce is not yet official

Relationship between Sony and E3 continues to cool, but the divorce is not yet official

Last year Sony revealed that he needed some time and that it wasn’t something related to E3 but that the company itself was going through an introspection phase. In addition, it also did not feel that it had anything to justify the entire investment and chose to focus on more direct communication with its player base and given the restructuring and changes within Sony itself, it made total sense.

Of course, this fact has generated the most diverse opinions, but it is not just today that the ESA, the organization responsible for E3 has also been trying to reinvent itself and some publishers even though they were there, were already sort of doing their own events in a more individualized way due to the fact that they did not agree with the direction or the lack of it at each new event.

It is also worth remembering that last year there was a very boring situation for the E3 organization that, without meaning to, leaked data from several journalists, youtubers and other members of the media who participated in the coverage of the event.

But, despite the absence of Sony, everything indicated that the two had only given a “break” in the relationship and that in 2020, with the arrival of the new console of the brand, the two would reconcile and everything would be as it was, but that didn’t happen.

In fact, speculation was already circulating among gossip sites like Contigo and others that the rapprochement might not happen and Sony itself confirmed this Monday (13) to the site that it does not intend to show up in the E3 2020.

After thorough evaluation SIE has decided not to participate in E3 2020, ”said a Sony Interactive Entertainment spokesperson. “We have great respect for the ESA as an organization, but we do not feel the vision of E3 2020 is the right venue for what we are focused on this year.” – excerpt from the interview given to

“After careful evaluation, SIE decided not to participate in E3 2020 ″. said the Sony Interactive Entertainment spokesman. “We have great respect for ESA as an organization, but we don’t feel that the vision of E3 2020 is the right place for what we are focusing on this year.”

Still according to the interview, this year is a moment of celebration and the Sony will seek a greater focus on their community, participating in events around the world, seeking to be more present in their lives and making fans feel part of the family PlayStation.

And the year 2020 promises a lot of news, since the Sony has several releases planned for the Playstation 4, the arrival of PlayStation 5 and many other revelations that are likely to emerge over the course of the year.

It is a fact that E3 has always been part of Sony’s life, where Sony has always revealed its biggest news since its emergence, but according to internal information, the polyamory of the members and participants of the E3 organization was already cooling down and there was a conflict over the course of the event. EA and Sony want something more like a celebration of games with fans and lots of fun, while other participants want the event to continue as it was or more focused on the games industry itself.

E3 2015 – Wikipedia source

And in the past few years ESA has tried to sort of find a balance that would please everyone, but without much success.

And from my point of view, you can feel that ESA is trying to save the relationship, but pleasing everyone is difficult. And for us who have always followed this event that has been bringing together everything we love in one place for so long, it is kind of sad to see the relationship between them getting colder.

What we can do now is to hope for the best for each of those involved and understand that there is always a chance for a consensus through dialogue. And that although Sony has said that its views at the moment are different at the present time, there is always tomorrow or next year.