Red, White and Blue Blood will be adapted by Amazon Prime Video

Red, White and Blue Blood will be adapted by Amazon Prime Video

Red, White and Blue Blood will be adapted by Amazon Prime Video
Photo: Disclosure / Next Editor

Red, White and Blood Blue (Red White & Royal Blue) was one of the biggest literary successes of 2019: written by Casey McQuiston and published in Brazil by Editora Seguinte, with translation by Guilherme Miranda and new cover by Isadora Zeferino, it was informed on Thursday (14) that the work will be adapted by Amazon Prime Video.

The information, exclusive to the international portal Deadline, does not reveal whether the production will be a film or a series, will have its script translated into audiovisual language by Ted Malawer.

Check the translation of the synopsis of the book, official of Editora Seguinte:

What can happen when the son of the President of the United States falls in love with the Prince of England?

When his mother was elected president of the United States, Alex Claremont-Diaz became the new darling of the American media. Handsome, charismatic and with a strong personality, Alex has everything to follow in his parents’ footsteps and achieve a career in politics, as he so desires. But when his family is invited to the royal wedding of British Prince Philip, does Alex have to face his first diplomatic challenge: dealing with Henry, Philip’s younger brother, the world’s most adored prince, with whom he is constantly compared? and that he doesn’t support.

The meeting between the two comes out worse than expected, and the next day all the newspapers in the world print pictures of Alex and Henry lying on the royal cake, hinting at a serious fight between the two. To avoid a diplomatic disaster, do they spend a weekend pretending to be best friends and it doesn’t take long for this relationship to evolve into something that neither of them could imagine? and that it has no chance of working. Or have?

Further details of the adaptation, such as cast and release schedule, have not yet been released.

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