Recordings of Turma da M么nica – Lessons begin in Minas Gerais!

Recordings of Turma da M么nica - Lessons begin in Minas Gerais!

The producer Bionics Movies and the Paris Movies announced the beginning of Monica’s Gang – Lessons, the sequence of Turma da M么nica – Ties.

The film is expected to hit theaters in December.

THE Paris Movies also released the synopsis of the film.

M么nica, Cebolinha, Magali and Casc茫o make a mistake at school. Now, they will have to face its consequences, and they will not be few. In this new journey, the class will discover the real value and meaning of the word friendship.

The actors return for the feature Giulia Benite (M么nica), Kevin Vechiatto (Cebolinha), Laura Rauseo (Magali), Gabriel Moreira (Casc茫o), Monica Iozzi (Dona Lu铆sa), Paulo Vilhena (Seu Cebola) and Faf谩 Renn贸 (Dona Onion).

With direction again from Daniel Rezende, the film will be shot until February 11, in Po莽os de Caldas, Minas Gerais.

CCXP 2019 | Monica’s Gang release date confirmed – Lessons

鈥淲e will shoot for five weeks, in Po莽os de Caldas, our neighborhood of Limoeiro. We were able to find all the film locations in the city. This time, filming is concentrated in two beautiful schools and in the square. A privilege to find everything here and count on many local partnerships 鈥, explains producer Bianca Villar, from Bi么nica Filmes in a press release that ArrobaNerd received.

The script gets Mariana Zatz and Thiago Dottori, inspired by Graphic Novel 鈥Lessons” in Victor Cafaggi and Lu Cafaggi.

The first photos of the film were released.

Photo: Serendipity Inc / Paris Filmes
Photo: Serendipity Inc / Paris Filmes

Monica’s Gang – Lessons arrives in December 2020 in theaters.