Reckful, famous eSports athlete, dies hours after proposing to his girlfriend

Reckful, famous eSports athlete, dies hours after proposing to his girlfriend

Byron Bernstein, better known as Reckful, a famous game streamer and eSports athlete, died on Thursday. Hours earlier, he had proposed to his girlfriend.

Reckful became known in the professional eSports scene as a World of Warcraft player, where he managed to stand out, in addition to having a successful channel on the Twitch platform. The news of his death was confirmed by his girlfriend, Becca Tilts, who is also a player, and a friend of the streamer.

The cause of Reckful’s death has not been disclosed, but there are suspicions that it may be a suicide.

Hours before his death, Reckful had proposed to Becca on his Twitter profile.

“I know that I will always be a little too insane and that is the proof. At least, you’ll never be bored. Will you marry me, Becca? ”Said Reckful.

Then the streamer asked his followers not to pressure Becca to accept the request, which he had not seen for six months. He also said he was “insane”, according to his words.

“Ah, I feel bad for everyone who has to deal with my insanity. Please, just know that in these situations, the insane person does not feel in control of their actions, ”he said.

Many followers of Reckful criticized his marriage proposal on Twitter. “Delete the tweet before she sees it” and “I hope she says no” were some of the reactions.

Hours later, Becca confirmed Reckful’s death. She stated that she had not seen the marriage proposal previously and regretted the fact that she was not close to her boyfriend to help him.

Becca also said that Reckful had depression and that her boyfriend’s problem made her better understand the issues surrounding mental health. She made a point of saying goodbye to her partner in one last message.

“I will do my best to live as the best human being I can be, Byron. Promise. Rest in peace, ”he said.