‘Rebel’ will get a serial version on Netflix – understand

‘Rebel’ will get a serial version on Netflix – understand

The Mexican phenomenon became famous in Brazil both for the soap opera – broadcast in 2005 and replayed in 2013 – and for the musical group RBD, which was formed in parallel to the soap opera. Now, a new version will appear on the Netflix.

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Cris Morena, the creator of the original version of Rebelde – the Argentine soap opera -, revealed in an interview with the radio show, which sold the rights to Netflix to produce a new version of the work.

According to the author, the giant is already working on shortening the 400 episodes of the plot for a season of 20 chapters.

I already talked to the screenwriter, who is Mexican-American, and they will leave exactly the same characters, a little stronger, and almost change nothing. If all goes well, there will be another 20 episodes and so on.

Cris Morena said to the radio program


has never been shown in Brazil. In the original plot, four teenagers from an elite school in Buenos Aires are attracted by the love of music, despite the different social and economic contexts.

They are part of the main characters: a spoiled little patrician, a young man determined to avenge his father’s death, the rebellious daughter of a popular singer and a young man in crisis. As with Rebelde, the band emerged RBD, of this version, the musical group was formed.

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THE Netflix has not yet announced the launch of the new version of . The platform is betting heavily on series focused on teen audiences and set in schools. After success , a new series in the same style will arrive in the catalog in April, .