‘Reality Z’: Criticism of the newest zombie series of the moment

Reality Z netflix

was one of the series that premiered in June on Netflix. With production and direction by Carlos Torres (), performance by Ana Hartman, Guilherme Weber, Ravel Andrade, Carla Ribas and special appearances by Jesus Luz and Sabrina Sato, the series addresses the zombie apocalypse in Rio de Janeiro. The narrative is the adaptation of the British series, produced by Charlie Brooker () in 2008.

In the plot, Brazil is attacked by zombies, who dominate the streets of the country’s cities and terrorize the entire population. The plot takes place in a Rio de Janeiro in chaos because of the creatures that are on the loose, and as a place of refuge we have Olympus, the seat of one with an Ancient Greek theme. The characters are basically the cast of the show, the employees and other people connected with the show.

Reality Z netflix

Criticism of

The narrative is constructed in a frantic way, several special effects contribute to this sensation.

The script is divided into two phases, in the first, everything happens very fast, when we realize, the place is full of zombies and the characters are all trapped inside the most watched house in the world. It is this frenzy that leaves us intrigued by what is happening, it reminds us of films like, where everything happens at a fast pace and special effects are not spared.

But in the second phase, the series takes on a different tone, the pace of things is slower and becomes much less interesting. Zombies become a background, and a narrative begins more, with a power struggle and a struggle to survive among the living, reminding us that the worst in an apocalypse, regardless of what it is, is the human being.

This change influences the course of the story. At first, everything happened quickly and effectively, with funny and natural lines. From this change, events seem shallow, speeches seem forced and interest gradually decreases.

In short, the series has a very good mood, its first phase reminds us of the zombie classics that we love, even if very Americanized. The series becomes slower with time, but still has its value, holding us to the end, even out of curiosity.