Reality tips for marathoning in quarantine

Reality tips for marathoning in quarantine

In times of social isolation, people look for ways to be entertained and distracted. Watching television is one of the most common forms of entertainment, but among so many contents, people tend to resort, basically, to movies and series.

Watch the it can also be a great way to keep yourself entertained in quarantine and there are options for every taste and preference. Check out some titles that are available on the main platforms:

1 –

This program consists of a contest between 10 amateur makeup artists for the title of the new MUA (Make Up Artist) from the United Kingdom. Participants are judged by Val Garland (Global make-up Director at L’Oreal Paris) and Dominic Skinner (Global Senior Artis at MAC), in addition to special guests who vary with each episode, according to the theme of the event.

With tests that demand creativity and agility from competitors, the program shows the quality of the work of these professionals and how makeup is present in the most diverse spheres.

2 –

Presented by model and designer Alexa Chung and fashion designer Tan France, the new Netflix challenges eighteen talented designers to create looks in short periods of time.

The handpicked participants have already worked for major brands and celebrities and are now vying for the $ 250,000 prize and the opportunity to debut their collection at the luxury fashion stores Net-a-Porter.

3 –

chef's table series

With each episode, the series features one of the most renowned chefs in the world, showing their stories and their daily lives. Unlike the culinary ones that we know, as the one does not look for a competition that evaluates the best dish among those of several competitors, but presents the gastronomy from the perspective of several professionals in the area.

4 –

The reality show, presented and conceived by the famous drag queen Ru Paul, seeks the most charismatic, talented and up to the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar.

Participants are challenged by tests that test their skills in singing, dancing, talent, personality and others, such as, for example, the photo shoot and imitation of celebrities, such as Marilyn Monroe.

The program also has a panel of judges who assist Ru Paul in evaluating the competitors’ performances. In each episode, one participant is eliminated, leaving a determined amount of to compete for the prize in the grand final.

5 –

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The form of this gastronomy is similar to other programs of the genre: competitors are challenged to reproduce complex dishes in a short period of time to be evaluated by judges. However, in this case, the participants are ordinary people who don’t get along in the kitchen, bringing the tone of comedy to.

In each episode, three contestants compete for the $ 10,000 prize and must complete the proposed tests. The humorous judges and presenters help to make everything even more comical and fun.

6 –

In this competition that seeks to find the most talented body painter in the United States, artists are challenged each week by thematic tests that will take one of them to the title of champion and the prize of 100 thousand dollars.

The results of the challenges are surprising and show how a person can become a living canvas in the hands of a good painter. In addition to the talent of the artists, he is surprised by the demand for the proposed challenges and their themes, which are always different and unexpected.

7 –

Presented by Giovanna Ewbank, the Brazilian version of the European is already a hit on Netflix and social media. Unlike others in confinement, the contestants do not know each other, they must interact only through a social network called The Circle.

In this social network, they must create and sustain an image of themselves, true or not, and the competitor who achieves greater popularity on this platform wins the prize of 300 thousand reais.

8 –

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Single men and women enter the world in search of a goal: to get married. For this, they are introduced to unknown people, with whom they talk in a booth for 10 days, trying to get to know each other better. This cabin, however, makes it impossible for people to see each other.

After 10 days, participants must decide whether or not they want to meet, but that decision is not so simple. Possible couples can only see each other if they decide to get married.

9 –

With over 100 competitors from nine countries, this one, created by Sylvester Stallone, challenges participants to run, in each episode, one of the most demanding obstacle courses in the world.

At the end of each episode, which takes place in one of the nine countries, a competitor will be considered the winner. In the end, the nine crowned ones dispute each other for the title of.

10 –

Humor brings a competition full of strange challenges that test the participants’ fears, which should not be frightened. With each failure, they are penalized. In the end, the competitor with the fewest points is the winner.