Re: Zero 2, reason for postponement revealed

Re:Zero Subaru

Fans looking forward to another anime season Re: Zerobut at the beginning of last week they received a nice bucket of cold water.

The studio White Fox, responsible for the anime announced through its official website that due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19 (coronavirus), the new season would be postponed.

Even the release of the CD’s with the opening and closing singles of the anime that were scheduled to be released on May 13, had their dates postponed. The new date for these becomes 26 August and 2 September respectively.

Konomi Suzuki and nonoc

With that, some fans ended up asking for explanations as to the reason for the delay, and apparently got their answer:

“The original work was done in Japan, but the painting and animation specifically, were produced by third-party companies in China, whose production was affected by presence restrictions due to the impact of the epidemic”.

Nowadays it is increasingly common for the production of certain animations to be outsourced to animation studios in China and South Korea. And since China has practically stopped the coronavirus outbreak, there was no alternative but to postpone it.

Re: Zero tells the story of Subaru Natsuki, a high school student who will end up in another world. There he discovers that there is apparently a reason for him to be where he is. And although technically he doesn’t have any super powers, he has a big advantage: whenever he dies he comes back a moment ago, something like a last save in a game. That naughty isekai anime every day.

The new release date is for the next season, which takes place in July 2020.

And if for some reason you don’t know or want to check out the first season of the anime, know that you can watch it through the website Crunchyroll. What are you waiting for?