Rato appears in the kitchen of BBB20 and the web calls him “Genilson”

bbb rat

During the BBB20 shown last night (22), the semifinalist quartet of the reality show, which includes Babu Santana, Manu Gavassi, Rafa Kalimann and Thelma, received an unusual visit in the VIP kitchen of the house: a mouse.

bbb rat

BBB20: Rat Genilson is intruder in the most watched house in Brazil

Even without a formal demonstration by TV Globo, during yesterday afternoon, the brother and sisters had to stay outside the house. possibly so that the rodent could be removed from the most watched house in Brazil.

The existence of the rat in the house was discovered and divulged by a viewer, who filmed his own television and published the video on Twitter, which soon went viral on the social network. Check it out:

Internet users then started to comment on what happened and named the BBB rat “Genilson” and uploaded the hashtag #RatoMereceRespeito, which is in the trends of Twitter and already has more than 50 thousand publications. As usual several memes arose after adversity, check out some:

The BBB mouse already has an Instagram account with more than 120 thousand followers and, in its bio, the account made it clear that its goal is to pass the number of followers of former reality show participant Hadson, who has 270 thousand followers on Instagram.

BBB20 semifinalists are getting along very well and enjoying their time together. Manu Gvassi, after leaving the reality show’s last wall unharmed, made a loving reflection with his friends.

It’s not just any semifinal, you know? If it was any semifinal, we could be feeling bad. I am proud to be here with the three of you.

Said Manu Gavassi during Big Brother Brazil 2020