Rasputin: meet the new X-Men character that combines 5 mutants

Rasputin: meet the new X-Men character that combines 5 mutants

A new mutant, called Rasputin, was presented in the comic book Powers of X, the saga of the X-Men launched this Wednesday (31) in the United States – still not expected to arrive in Brazil.

Attention: the following text presents spoilers from the first edition of Powers of X. Do not read further if you do not want detailed information from the HQ.

Rasputin is the genetic combination of five powerful character DNAs. They are: Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Quentin Quire (known as Kid Omega), X-23 and Unus, the Untouchable.

Thus, the mutant has the following abilities: to pass through the walls, healing, telepathy, chrome skin and finally, production of force fields. She also manages to wield the sword of the mutant Magic, even though it has no genetic traits.

In fact, Rasputin is a Chimera, the third generation of mutants created by Dr. Sinister. It was developed to fight a radical group of machine men and is part of a team of mutants that survived the fall of their former home, Krakoa. They currently live on an asteroid called K, close to Earth.

The story of Powers of X is the consequence of the events that took place in House of X. The plot focuses on the future – more accurately, 100 years ahead – for four different generations.