Rare: Selena Gomez releases album and talks about breaking up with Justin Bieber

Rare: Selena Gomez releases album and talks about breaking up with Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez said in October 2019 that the first two singles from her new album Rare, and it was the great songs about its ending with Justin bieber:

Those two songs were the one that ended a chapter with a beautiful bow. And the rest of the album is about where I am now and where I am going, so, in my opinion, they are great songs, but I saved the best for later ”.

Reported Selena Gomez to Ryan Seacrest

Rare: Selena Gomez releases album and talks about breaking up with Justin Bieber


Selena Gomez came back with everything when releasing her new album ,!

Finally, the rest of the album has arrived! While some songs seem to touch the consequences of their final split with Justin Bieber, who started dating Hailey Baldwin in June 2018 and became engaged to her in July 2018, marrying her in September 2018, other songs explore her healing process and current life as a single woman.

Gomez confirmed this to WSJ magazine in an interview released this week:

I’ve been single for over two years. I’m fine with that. I remember Taylor Swift said when I showed her some of the new songs: ‘I feel like I’m seeing who you were before that’. That makes me happy. I like to feel like that girl again. “

THE clip of was also made available and you can check it out below.

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In the track that gives the album its name, Gomez reveals that her ex has devalued her and that, now, she is ready to find someone who doesn’t.

Looks like you don’t care
Why don’t you recognize that I’m so rare?
Always there
You don’t do the same for me
That’s not fair
I don’t have everything
I’m not claiming
But I know I’m special, yeah
And I bet there’s someone else out there
To tell me I’m rare
To make me feel rare

Dance Again

talks about meeting new people, loving again and feeling good after separation. It explores your confidence and comfort in being yourself, vulnerable and emotional.

It is not easy, believe me, but I will go there
Mmm, ah
It’s like I’m ten feet tall
I’m tall with the weight of my shoulders
It’s not something you sit and wait for
Mmm, ah
It’s throwing your heart through every brick wall

Look at Her Now

Gomez’s second, which reassured fans by showing that the singer is doing very well after breaking up with Justin Bieber, also shows that she is confident about finding love again when she is ready.

The muse also dated singer The Weeknd for 10 months between 2016 and 2017.

Of course she was sad
But now she is happy to have dodged a bullet (Mm)
It took a few years to absorb the tears
But look at it now, watch it from
She knows she’ll find love (she knows)
Only if she wants to
She knows she’ll find love (she knows)
On the way down
Look at her now, watch her go

Lose You To Love Me

This song is a goodbye aimed at Bieber and his relationship, being the first release that started promoting the album. Selena Gomez explores how she had to go through Bieber to really love herself and how their relationship became toxic.

You promised the world and I fell in love with him
I put it first and you loved it
Set my forest on fire
I let it burn
Sang out of tune in my chorus
Because it wasn’t yours
Set my purpose on fire
And I let it burn
Did you get hurt
When it wasn’t yours, yeah
We always go blind
I needed to lose you to find me
This dance was killing me gently
I had to hate you to love me, yeah



Selena Gomez explores dating again, being single and talking about men she is not interested in. It’s a very confident track – a contrast to the previous one.

You all in your feelings, baby, all in me
I’m one in a billion, baby, don’t you agree?
I’m breaking hearts like a heart attack
I took it exactly where the carat is
I wrapped my finger like a ring, ring, ring
They just like puppets on a string, string, string
I put it on the floor, they call me
They’re doing a lot, so I’m gonna let it touch, touch, touch (Oh-oh)


Gomez is sincere in allowing himself to be romantically vulnerable to someone after their relationship failed before.

So it may be that she is hypothetically exploring the idea with Bieber or is making peace with the fact that she was willing to reconcile and commit, but her possible partner was not.

If I give you every bit of me, I know you can give up
I’d give it a chance, I know you could take advantage, but you got it
If I open my heart to you, I know you could lock
Throw away the key and keep it in your pocket forever
If I give you the opportunity, then would you touch it?
If I were the best thing that happened to you, would you know?
If my love were like a flower, would you plant it?
Would you cultivate that?
I’ll give you my whole body, are you strong enough to hold it?
If I show you all my demons, and we dive to the bottom
Will we beat and burn like before?
I would tell you all my secrets, wrap my arms around my weakness
If the only other option is to let go
I’ll be vulnerable, yes


People You Know

Gomez reflects on how a relationship has changed over time. At that point, she no longer knows a person who has been close.

Therefore, it is a moving reflection on what happens after the separations.

Nowadays, we couldn’t be further away. So, what is it like to be on the other side?
So many wasted (wasted)
Nights with (Nights with) you (You)
I could still prove (Prove)
I hate it, I wish I could go back because
We used to be close, but people can go
From people you know to people you don’t know
And what hurts the most is that people can go
From people you know to people you don’t know

Let Me Get Me

This song seems to explore Gomez taking full control of his head space and happiness. She spoke openly about her struggles with anxiety and depression, telling WSJ magazine:

My elevations were really high and my lows took me out for weeks on end. I found out that I suffer from mental health problems and, honestly, that was a relief. I realized that there was a way to get help and find people you trust. I took the right medication and my life changed completely ”.

I danced for therapy, all my babies and I
But tonight, it’s free
Without self-sabotage, without letting my thoughts run
Me and the spiral ended
Burn that camouflage I’ve been wearing for months
Tryna make a little happy the first time
Don’t let me down, I won’t let myself get depressed
I’m fine now, I won’t let myself be caught
Take this tired heart and go and turn inside out


Crowded Room

Gomez sings about the connection she has with someone on a night out and the hope that it will last longer.

He started out polite, on thin ice
Until you came to break it
I threw a line and you were mine
Yes, I was scared, but you made it safe
I think this is our combination
Said he feels lost, well, me too
So you don’t call me in the morning?
I think you should call me in the morning
If you feel the same
Wrapped in flames
Wrapped in shame
Betrayed by your imagination
On top of my head, but it’s okay

Kinda Crazy

Gomez sings about a toxic person she tried to date who went from hot to cold very quickly.

Thus, it is a relatable experience that most people who date casually have experienced it once or twice.

Hey, you started small talk, then hard bullets
Words were like licorice to taste
We slowly increased the sugar, it was wasted
We were wasted
Oh, you started to get funny without jokes I started to see through you like a ghost
And now I’m sure I can’t take it anymore I can’t take any more ore
I think you’re kinda crazy
And it’s not the good type, baby
Because you’re acting super obscurely
You know it, you know it
He’s been making phone calls lately But he’s still texting me “Baby“


Gomez sings about a casual affair that may not be good for her in the long run, but in the short run … it might even be interesting.

I’m a sensitive situation (Mmm)
You are a hot and cold combination
But we both know that we have complications
I try not to bother you, don’t bother you (Ah) / But my type of problem also likes yours (Ah)
You may not be the only one, uh-huh / But you look like fun
Can we keep it based on the first name? (Ah) / We could overcrowd each other’s spaces / You exceed me more than my medication / Take me to different places, let’s face it, I’m getting impatient

Cut You Off

As co-writer Lisa Owen said that this song is for a “stupid kid who shouldn’t be named”.

Soon, it captures the moment when Gomez decided to leave the ex and his hopes of having him in his life.

The truth is, I think I’ve had enough Professionally stirring my confidence
How could I mistake this shit for love?
Moving emotionally with my health (Ha)
How could I mistake this shit for love?
When I’m without you
I don’t think too much, I just keep going
Get you out of my head now
I just interrupt

A Sweeter Place

The final track, therefore, where Gomez reflects on where she is emotionally and where she wants to go.

Is there a place where I can hide? French red lips kiss my worries all
There must be a sweeter place
We can sweeten the taste
Do you really want to know where I’ve been all this time
So let me tell you
Ooh, I put two feet on the floor and I felt what was real
How was
Living off the scene, in the wild Learning to breathe
In the clouds, away from the crowds
I can’t believe I can be noisy Holding hands in the dark and knowing that my heart is allowed