Ranking of the best films of Quentin Tarantino

Ranking of the best films of Quentin Tarantino

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Quentin Tarantino is a great director and so on – let’s give pean praise to this great artist and let’s get straight to the specifics. Eleven films – they connect a lot, but also divide a lot. Different themes, the same style. Individual film genres were treated with Mr. T.’s postmodern razor. You don’t have to be a fan of Tarantino’s original style to respect his contribution to cinematography. You don’t have to like each of the images he creates equally to appreciate the perverse play with conventions. We invite you to read the subjective ranking of all his works. We start from the last place and end with the most epochal painting.

A film in which Tarantino directed only a segment. This is a short story, or even an anecdote with a perverse moral. The film consists of several peaceful stories, created under the baton of various directors. In the common opinion, part of Quentin Tarantino is the brightest point of this uneven picture. Still, it cannot be treated as an autonomous work of the director. Here he is one of the co-authors of the feature concept.

Four rooms

Tarantino admitted some time ago that the picture could have been a much better movie. The script is very advanced and complex, but the movie itself lacked some dynamics and tarantine pepper. it is the director’s tribute to a certain aesthetics and a nostalgic view of America of his youth. This is one of the more personal Tarantino movies. Interestingly, in narrative terms, one can find common points with. The whole, however, blurred into dozens of lines of unnecessary dialogues and long, not adding anything to the plot of the scenes.

Jackie Brown

Loved by many is one of the most traditional films of Quentin Tarantino. Yes, we have fancy outfits and brilliant dialogues here, but perversity is here for the medicine. W, Tarantino does not so much deal with the cowboy myth, but pays homage to him. Placing a black hero in the foreground is also not a fictional novelty. The motive of revenge for social injustice is nothing new in the cinema. it is obviously brutal, effective and surprising, but the convention has been virtually untouched here.


Laura Quentina Tarantino for the fairytale Hollywood. According to the director, the Dream Factory of those times was an idyllic, colorful, singing and dancing place. A place whose symbol was perfect and innocent in all respects Sharon Tate. The outside world, in the form of Manson’s nasty army, attempting to destroy the idyll of the rich and rich, encountered Rick Dalton and his firewall. The film is watched really well, but is there a plot in it? Is the story of Rick and Cliff interesting enough to evoke unforgettable emotions with us?

Once upon a time in Hollywood

One of the most underrated paintings of Mr. T., yet providing a lot of casual entertainment. One can venture to say that this is one of the artist’s most Tarantine paintings. As part of a funny and scary grindhouse, the author composed a crazy symphony in honor of Class B cinema. The picture is sensational directed and has a few moments that will remain in memory for a long time. A great Arlene dance, a car accident of singing girls or the final massacre of Mike’s stuntman are just some of them.

Death proof