Racism? Lorena, wife of Dj Rennan da Penha, says that the Bank accused her of fraud

Racism?  Lorena, wife of Dj Rennan da Penha, says that the Bank accused her of fraud

Lorena Vieirawife Dj Rennan da Penha, experienced an uncomfortable situation after an error made by the Itau bank. According to the influencer, the bank accused her of fraud and called the police, claiming that the money in her account did not belong to her. The episode is being treated as racism on social media.

dj rennan da penha and lorenna


Banco Itaú is accused of racism after attitude with Lorena

Lorena Vieira, the wife of Dj Rennan da Penha, suffered upset because of a mistake made by Itaú bank, which would have accused her of fraud for moving a large amount of money in her account. The artist’s wife accused the bank of racism.

@itau and his employees, racist or not? Prejudiced or not?
They made me wait until the bank closed, saying they were solving my problem is CALLED THE POLICE ??????

– Lorena (@badgallore) January 30, 2020

In an interview with G1, Lorena clarifies what happened:

I went to the bank to take some money and unlock a card, because I lost a card and the other one didn’t arrive at my house. I had to go and get it. Once there, it was blocked.

Then they (the employees) started saying ‘oh, the bank may think it is a fraud, that you are orange’ and left me there waiting ”

She told G1

She said the bank treated her like a criminal.

The employees were saying that ‘a lot of money came in and we don’t know where it comes from’. I didn’t understand. They started whispering, the bank employees started looking at me. I was not understanding.

Her husband, Dj Rennan da Penha, also commented on the case on his social network:

After being kept in the bank until the end of the day, Lorena was surprised by the arrival of police at the scene.

The employee said: ‘There are only 15 more minutes for your problem to be solved’. And then the police arrived. I was outraged at the time. I was really upset, people there must think I was arrested or I don’t know. It’s a shame, ridiculous.

I was offended. According to them, I’m a fraud, orange. According to them, that money was not mine.

She continued in an interview with G1

Lorena, wife of Dj Rennan da Penha, says she was humiliated

Itaú published a note on its Twitter apologizing for the misunderstanding with Lorena Vieira and said that the agency is against any kind of discrimination. Despite this, the bank did not explain why Lorena’s banking profile was treated as suspicious.

Itaú clarifies that the procedure adopted at the agency is standard in cases of suspected fraud, and has no relation to issues of race or gender. Itaú believes that all forms of discrimination must be combated.

– Itaú (@itau) January 31, 2020


Lorenna countered the note of clarification released by the bank in revolt.

Standard procedure? To say that it is solving my problem, to make me wait until after the bank closes. Do not inform me what was happening, lie to arrest me there, do not let me go out and call the CIVIL POLICE ??????? Is this standard procedure? Couldn’t ++ https://t.co/Y1y7oxlmUl

– Lorena (@badgallore) January 31, 2020

Couldn’t it be otherwise? In a more humane way? Tell me what you were thinking about me? The answer was simply to call the civil police to be removed from there like a criminal, humiliated? Oh no, now I got pu **!

The Dj’s wife still claims to have suffered racism at the police station as well.

I even tore my identity, because the policeman said it was almost impossible to know if it was me, because my hair was straight, said that I was supposed to throw my identity away and do another one with my natural hair. Then I tore it up. If it’s a white person who has straightened hair and then lets it curl, no one would do that

She said, still in an interview for G1

Some influential figures commented on the episode on their social networks, check out:


Regrettable, @itau
Lack of employee training and awareness, the company is responsible for this YES
I hope that this lowdown will not be in the apology and the bank presents a good project of insertion of black people in their jobs, is the minimum. https://t.co/dR75AwW8Fp

– detremura (@detremura) January 30, 2020