Quarantine: Learn how to overcome boredom with Rapunzel

Quarantine: Learn how to overcome boredom with Rapunzel

, movie released by Disney in 2010, tells the story of the princess Rapunzel and all your adventures in search of freedom. The character, in the company of her Pascal chameleon and her long hair (magical, by the way), spends 18 years confined in a tower and needs to innovate every day to overcome boredom without any contact with the outside world.

Today, 10 years after its launch, Rapunzel’s story seems to overcome the fairy tale condition and is very useful in the current world context.

In the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic, much of the country has been ordered to remain in Quarantine until the situation normalizes, and we realized that, after all, staying at home is not as easy (or pleasant) as it seemed.

Thus, the replacement of some face-to-face activities by online models must be accompanied by a conscious balance between work and time for oneself.

Thus, a compilation of activities can be done to remove boredom from quarantine, and no one better to be inspired than Princess Rapunzel herself in her years in the tower.

Here is a selection of some of his favorite activities mentioned in the film, from excerpts from the song.

1 – “At seven sharp I must sweep the floor”

Calm! You do not need to wake up in time to sweep the house on time at 7 am, but doing a good tidying is a great way to enjoy the confinement time.

Organize that messy drawer, dust the books on the shelf, put the college materials in order, separate some clothes from the closet for post-quarantine donation. All of these can be good initiatives to occupy your body and mind, whether to fill the hours of the day productively or to escape a little from the home office and EAD.

2 – “Then I start reading a book or two or three”

Taking this piece to the letter can certainly bring you great benefits. Even if you are not a big fan of good reading, looking for a copy in the style you like, reading a few pages a day, will certainly bring you moments of tranquility and occupy your idle time.

Anything goes: a late college article, a poetic anthology, science fiction, or even a good novel. For those who are looking for relaxation in the midst of virtual activities and are already overwhelmed, look for themes that really entertain you, so that the moment is an instant of leisure and no longer a burden for this already complex period.

3 – “I paint my gallery again”

You do not need to have a large collection of artistic skills or a vast gallery to enjoy the benefits that this type of activity can bring, especially during so many days of confinement.

Numerous studies have already shown that learning to draw and paint, even in its most rudimentary forms, exercises creativity, the emotional side and is a potential help to relieve stress.

Whether you are a born artist or not, it is worth considering the possibility of an artistic moment at some spare time. Rapunzel, in the film, shows great appreciation for art, being one of the most practiced activities in her spare time.

4 – “Using the oven”

For those who know how to enjoy their culinary skills, set aside an evening to try a new recipe with the family, prepare a practical dessert or set up a coffee in the afternoon can certainly be of extreme importance to, in addition to increasing your routine at home, unite those who are going through this remote operating period with you.

Even for beginners, it is a good time to exercise new skills and get out of the quarantine ace in some recipe to do with friends, after everything has stabilized.

5 – “Stretch”

Rapunzel quickly mentions the activity in the midst of his singing, but it is certainly a more than essential option in times of confinement.

Within the personal and spatial limits of each one, perform a short circuit of exercises, practice some training already known (for the most experienced) or simply take a few minutes to stretch and keep the blood circulation running smoothly already makes your routine more healthy and generates very important moments to clear the mind of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For those who want even more, meditation can provide just as good effects and can be exercised daily via apps like oe or videos on.

For more fun suggestions on how to deal with the boredom and stress of quarantine, check out the full song or even have a cinema session with and take your time for one last tip: watch a good movie!

Check out the full Rapunzel song: