Quarantine: Check out 5 horror movies on Netflix to distract yourself

Quarantine: Check out 5 horror movies on Netflix to distract yourself

It is a fact that talking about the “best films” is getting into risky terrain. That’s because, like football and reality shows, each one has its own crowd and favorite – and is willing to defend it tooth and nail.

However, in times of Quarantine, no one is more willing to spend hours in front of the Netflix, being people like us, not knowing what to choose.

So check out the list of best (considered by the mere author of this text) horror movies of the platform. The idea is to bring classics of the genre also addressing a little about the different approach of each one.

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Quarantine: Check out 5 horror movies on Netflix


One of the established horror classics of the past decade, the film directed by James Wan features investigators Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga).

Based on real facts, the couple investigates paranormal cases until they cross the path of the Perron family – which also existed outside the big screens. Parents and five daughters move to a farm and are tormented by paranormal entities there – even victims of possession.

This is a classic type of horror that involves demonic characters and a lot, which is that feature that makes you jump from watching it.

In the subgenre of the horror world, the Warren couple’s story and its developments are classified as ‘supernatural’. The sequel,, is also available on Netflix, but tells another supernatural story.

In English titled by, the film has 85% approval on Rotten Tomatoes – platform that brings together film and television reviews.


Going for a completely different footprint, we have another classic from the Afternoon Session of horror films. In English, the 2005 film features a macabre story about and one that leaves you thinking for hours. The feature hit Netflix on March 1st and brings more of the horror world.

It all starts when a group of friends from college travels on their way to a football game, but needs to stop because of a car defect. Synopsis worthy of a horror movie, right?

Thus, they seek help in an apparent ghost town, whose only open establishment is a wax museum. The rest is history and, literally, wax.

The cast has unusual names like fashionista Paris Hilton and heartthrobs Jared Padalecki and Chad Michael Murray ().


You know that movie that makes the viewer so agonized and anxious that he can’t stop watching? Ready. that’s it and then some. Also a film considered to be of the subgenre, the feature is engaging because it presents an unexpected proposal.

A priori, everything seems more of the same. A writer named Maddie Toung, played by Kate Siegel (), lives in a secluded house in the woods. Good thing couldn’t go, right?

However, the protagonist’s motives are different: there, unlike the city center, it is her refuge since she lost her hearing even when she was young.

So, at dusk, Maddie is surprised by a masked man who watches her and tries, at any cost, to enter her home. The great tension is whether or not the writer can get out of this, since, for many, she can be considered ‘at a disadvantage’ in relation to her opponent.

The escape from the obviousness of, directed by Mike Flanagan and written by the protagonist herself, earned 91% approval on Rotten Tomatoes.


Since December on Netflix, it is the best bet to spend the exact 1h and 44 minutes thinking “what’s going on” and “there’s something wrong with that”. Director Jordan Peele’s film won acclaim from both audiences and critics alike for blending diverse genres and themes in just one feature.

Featuring Daniel Kaluuya, playing Chris Washington, the long part of the moment when the photographer will meet the parents of his then girlfriend, Rose Armitage (Allison Williams). At first, it is already possible to see the dilemmas of an interracial couple, with subtle approaches on racism and prejudice.

Discomfort and distrust are present all the time in the film – which, through the performances, it manages to transmit to the viewer. With an unexpected ending, it is one of those films that we want to erase from memory just to have the taste of watching for the first time again.

On Rotten, the subgenre Thriller (with a touch of psychological) gets 98% approval.


And since we are talking about tension, a subgenre that is a master of this is certainly. For those who do not know, this type is built from the filming of the characters themselves – like a false documentary. The greatest examples of this feature are the franchise (2007) and (1999).

Well, it is directed and starring Patrick Brice, who faces the failed film producer, Aaron. The man plans to travel to a remote city for one, which consists of recording the daily life of Josef (Mark Duplass).

So far so good, right? What Aaron didn’t expect was his ‘new friend’s’ suspicious wishes and confessions – which ends up taking him on a not very pleasant path.

The film ended up dividing opinions between the public and the critics, getting 65% approval from the audience, but consecrating itself with 89% by the critic. It is worth checking and seeing which side you are on!