Quarantine: 5 reasons to watch ‘Friends’ on Netflix

Quarantine: 5 reasons to watch ‘Friends’ on Netflix

With the pandemic of coronavirus, the state government decreed Quarantine. In this period, being isolated at home all the time can be quite a bore.

Furthermore, in the face of news about Covid-19 and the rapid spread of the disease, sadness can appear and be an excellent nuisance.

Aiming to distract the head and body a bit from the chaos caused by the virus, check out 5 reasons to watch on Netflix in this quarantine.

friends on netflix

1 – Will leave the Netflix catalog

One of the main reasons to watch at the moment is because the iconic North American series will leave the Netflix catalog.

In Brazil, there is still no forecast. However, in the United States, the program would come out in this first semester.

According to the site, it will leave the platform, in its American version, because Warner intends to create its own. Therefore, not only will this series leave Netflix, but others from the broadcaster should also disappear.

2 – Promises a time travel

From clothes to wired phones, the series recalls what life was like in the 90s in the United States.

More than that, it shows how today, more than 20 years later, we have so many technologies that make life easier today.

3 – Brings a portrait of the culture of the 90s

Through slang, customs, clothing and jokes, it enters its viewers between the 90s.

In addition, it shows a lot of American culture, especially in episodes with a Christmas theme, such as Thanksgiving Day.

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4 – It’s a sitcom

Sitcom is an abbreviation of the English expression (“situation comedy”, in free translation). That is, it is a series with common characters and comic situations in the family environment.

At first, it can even be a little difficult to laugh. But in time, it becomes impossible not to laugh with Chandler (Matthew Perry).

5 – It is a light series

Amid the chaos generated by the coronavirus pandemic, the American sitcom can be a great request to blur the moment.

With intertwined stories and humor, it guarantees the fun of the whole family and allows its viewers to come to love each character in the series.