Quarantine: 5 online and multiplayer games to distract yourself with friends

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During that period of social isolation, the options for killing boredom are becoming scarcer and the longing for friends is tightening more and more.

To alleviate this situation, we have separated a list with 5 games online and 100% free you can play with your friends to laugh a little in this troubled period.

1 – Gartic

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Available to download on your phone or play on the computer, Gartic is a game where you can create a room with your friends, or join an existing one, and it is very similar to Image and action.

The rooms have a specific theme and each round a person is chosen to draw. A word related to the theme appears and the player has to draw, without using letters or symbols, so that others can get it right.

It is a game that yields loud laughs due to the final result of the drawings that, because they are not made on paper and with a pen, tend to get very ugly.

In addition, more than 15 friends can join the same room and, using other audio and video calling apps, you can play while chatting outside or even communicate using the game’s own chat.

2 – Stopots

play stopots

The famous and old street. From the same creators of Gartic, it is also possible to play on your computer or cell phone and create new rooms, with the themes you choose, or join an existing one.

You and your friends choose the themes that will enter the game, in addition to other suggestions that the game gives, and the platform itself draws the letter for you and counts the points.

At the end of each round, the answers for each topic appear and you vote for the ones you think are valid or not. The game also comes with a chat to communicate with friends. In addition, it is possible to enter up to 50 people in the same room as Stopots.

3 – Evil Apples

Evil Apples game

Evil Apples it is a different card game and full of black humor. Entirely in English, the user must know at least the basics of the language to be able to play.

There are 3 game modes: Classic, Bizarre and Survival. But the essence of the game is this: it takes at least 3 people to start the game; one will be the judge and the other two will compete, and the roles will alternate.

You start the game with 10 cards, with random writings, and the game launches a card with a blank space, which you must complete with the content of one of your cards. All players choose a card and the cards are passed to the judge, who is responsible for deciding which card fits best within the context.

The fun of the game is in the content of the cards, which is often heavy and contains black humor jokes, guaranteeing lots of laughs if you enjoy this type of humor. The game is only available for mobile phones and is free.

4 – Werewolf Online

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A kind of Detective, but with some modifications. If you have 16 friends, you enter an exclusive room, otherwise, everyone enters the same room, but with some random people together.

There are 3 teams in the Werewolf Online: Vila, Lobos and Solo. They compete with each other. The village’s goal is to discover and hang all werewolves in the morning; werewolves must kill as many people in the village as possible overnight; and whoever is part of the Solo team must be the last survivor of the game.

Each player is assigned a role within the teams, and only you know what their role is, and the game unfolds from that. It’s really fun, but be careful not to end up fighting with all your friends if they lie to you about your role!

5 – The Truth Comes Out

  The Truth Comes Out Online Game

This is for playing only with those you have a lot of intimacy with!

THE game will make several questions related to your personal matters available. Each responds, anonymously, according to their experience and, in the end, people vote for the best answer of the round.

The Truth Comes Out is a great tool for you to discover the worst rotten of your friends or laugh at your funniest woes!