Publisher JBC announces the republication of Inuyasha’s sleeves

Publisher JBC announces the republication of Inuyasha’s sleeves

On May 22, 2020 the publisher JBC announced what the manga Inuyasha will be republished in 2021. The announcement was made via a live on the publisher’s Instagram and it was confirmed that the manga will have 30 volumes in wide-ban format, that is, each volume will contain a number of pages greater than the original.

A probable reason for choosing such a format is due to the fact that, in its first publication in Brazil, Inuyasha it had 112 volumes. Thus, publishing it in wide-ban format would reduce the number of volumes to be collected.

Inuyasha’s story

Cover of the 5th volume of the American version of Inuyasha

It all starts with Kagome Higurashi, a teenager from Tokyo who lives with his family in a temple. One day, when he was leaving to go to school, his brother warns that the cat has entered the well kept in the temple. However, when she goes to get him, a centipede monster pulls her into the well. When he manages to get rid of the monster, Kagome leaves 500 years in the past, in the middle of Japan’s Sengoku period.

Then, while walking through the forest near the place where she left, she meets a boy, who appears to be his age, but has dog ears and is sealed in a tree with an arrow in his chest. His name is Inuyasha, and the encounter will change Kagome’s destiny.

The anime of Inuyasha (2000)

The anime of Inuyasha was released in October 2000 and had its first part completed in 2004, with 167 episodes. However, the second part of the anime was only released in October 2009, bringing the conclusion of the story in March 2010, through 26 episodes.

At the time, the anime was broadcast in Brazil on the Cartoon Network channel, however, it can now be found on Amazon Prime Video. To watch, just sign up on the platform by clicking here.