Publisher Draco launches eight comics at CCXP19’s Artists’ Alley

Publisher Draco launches eight comics at CCXP19's Artists' Alley

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Publisher Draco will launch 8 comics on Comic Con Experience 2019. The publications will be available on the tables of the authors of the house present at Artists’ Alley.

Without further ado, check out the releases:

Blood in the eye

In this collection, there is a mixture of the harshness of contemporary Westerns with social issues of the past and present Brazilians, traveling through our extensive territory. Pages that speak of pains and losses worthy of the great westerns.

Organized by Raphael Fernandes, the publication brings together the writers Gustavo Whiters, Felipe Cazelli, Raphael Fernandes, Leonardo Melo, Thaïs Kisuki, Alexey Dodsworth, Caio H. Amaro and Eduardo Kasse. In addition to an incredible team of designers Weslley Marques, Chico Silverio, Vitor Wiedergrün, Jader Corrêa, Paloma Diniz, Sandro Zambi, Má Matiazi and Messiah Tartini.

Can be found on the tables E37, E40 and F01-02

The Mask of White Death

This suspense is a retelling of an old northeastern legend. With script Alexey Dodsworthart Isaac Sagara and cover David Oliveira, the whole plot is historically based and tells how the Portuguese Branca Dias was the heroine of the Jewish people in the colonial period, the haunting of current times.

Known in the horror stories of Pernambuco, the legend of Açude do Prata has historical roots in the difficulties that the Jewish people faced during the Iberian inquisition. According to the legend, on moonlit nights it is possible to see the ghost of a woman who washes silverware in a Pernambuco weir. This woman is Branca Dias, a Portuguese Jew who, after spending two years in prison by the Inquisition, fled to Brazil. Your spirit cannot rest in peace as long as there is persecution and injustice. Inspired by the mythology of Edgar Allan Poe, the classic legend is reconstructed and adapted to the current times and problems.

Can be found on the tables E37

Steampunk Ladies – Shock of the Future

The story takes place shortly after the events of Steampunk Ladies: Steam Revenge, winner of the trophies HQMIX and Angelo Agostini. With script Zé Wellington, Drawings of Sara Prado, Wilton Santos and Leonardo Pinheiro, colors of Ellis Carlos, Ale Starling and Thyago Brandão and letters and graphics of Deyvison Manes.

In a past where technology has evolved far beyond that of our reality from steam engines, 19th century England has become the center of the planet’s great inventions. Out of the head of the same inventor, these revolutionary designs have been used in a British campaign to bring the rest of the world to its knees.

As the only resistant opposition force, a group of suffragettes will count on the help of Sue and Rabiosa, two newly arrived women from America. They came to settle accounts with the British prime minister and a mysterious group whose activities are global. For these women, overcoming authoritarianism is also overcoming the barriers that separate them from their rights.

Can be found on the table F08

Vikings – Death to the Troll

Written by Eduardo Kasse (The Shadowwalker, The Scarlet Web) and designed by Carlos Sekko (Space Opera in Comics). In the plot, a group of warriors formed by Hróaldr, Boors and One-Eye will face several battles to find a creature that seems to be attacking the inhabitants of a village.

The graphic novel expands the universe created by Kasse in the book Vikings – Berserk and reveals a new adventure of the characters that starred in the comic Vikings – Night in Valhalla, which also features the fierce art of Carlos Sekko. However, both the new publication and these two previous ones can be read in any order, as they do not offer spoilers or build a complex chronology to understand the plot.

Another striking feature of this publication is the care with historical research, both in chronological, geographical and environmental terms. Script and illustrations seek veracity in order to immerse the reader in this fascinating time.

Can be found on the tables E40

Opticus – Interventions

On this album, the screenwriter Tiago P. Zanetic (The Yellow King) and the designer Mauricio Leone (Green Hornet, The Last Phantom, Evil Ernie), in the colors of Rodrigo Fernandes (Red Sonja, The Shadow, Doctor Who), tell Dr. Théo what happens after an experimental surgical intervention in his eyes. The problem is that he starts to see beyond what a human being should be capable of, being able to observe microorganisms, bacteria and even the strings of reality! These lines that separate the different versions of the universe prove to be a wonderful and at the same time dangerous sight, as he will discover when saving the life of a little girl from a creature called Collector. Imagine a Brazilian Bill Murray living interdimensional adventures.

To close the album, Zanetic joins the artist Gustavo Lambreta (Strict Suit) to tell a story that happens before the great plot of the album and reveals a little more about the different dimensions of this fantastic universe.

Can be found on the tables F01-02

Crabra D’Água and the Fight Against the Giants

With script Airton Marine (Hell Dang, The Awakening of Cthulhu) and art Lederly Mendonça (MSP New 50, MAD) and Leopoldo Anjo (Decahedron), presents a hero with water powers that wanders through the northeastern hinterland and ends up preventing a village from being destroyed by a herd overflow. However, this is the least of the problems in the region, which faces something that should not happen to any human being. It remains for the hairy young man in the white shirt and black pants to face an extremely powerful and even more cruel man. The comic is a mixture of The Auto da Compadecida with One Piece.

Can be found on the tables H15

Quack # 5

In this fifth volume, the mangaka Kaji Duck (Henshin Manga) presents the challenges of the new phase of this fun adventure, starring the young aviator Baltazar and his talking duck Colombo. This time, young Baltazar will face an arid desert and an even more unforgiving challenge. Could he survive Master Vitalino’s training? Or is Baltazar just another asshole unable to deal with his own self-sabotage? In the meantime, far from trials, troublemaker Colombo and Mars mechanic are unaware that a contagious evil is coming and can put everything to waste.

Can be found on the tables E39

Japow # 2

Totally set in the oriental neighborhood Liberdade, in São Paulo, this series, written by Jun Sugiyama (Pilgrimage) and designed by Eduardo Capelo (Kimera), narrates the adventures of friends Daniela Tomoe and Charlotte, always surrounded by fantastic beings and deities. This edition shows a little of the conflict between the traditional world of Japanese cuisine and the new generations.

After seeing Suzuki give up on her family business, Daniela Tomoe will not let the same happen with her friend Ngelo, who owns a Japanese restaurant. In order for the sushiman to find his fighting spirit, she infiltrates a large party to ask the culinary god for his blessing. Little does Dani know that the gods have their own plans and a big meeting is already scheduled. Jota is the only one who can face them.

Can be found on the tables G25-26 and G27

Draco’s publications and authors can be found on tables D02 (Thaïs Kisuki), E05 (Alex Mir), E37 (Alexey Dodsworth; Raphael Salimena), E39 (Kaji Duck; Max Andrade), E40 (Eduardo Kasse; Tiago Palma), F01-02 (Raphael Fernandes), F08 (Zé Wellington), F39 (Marcio Gotland) G25-26 (Jun Sugiyama), G27 (Eduardo Capelo), G42 (Talles Rodrigues), H04 (Samuel Bono), H13 (Fernando Barone, Leopoldo Anjo), H14 (Alessio Esteves; André Oide) and H15 (Airton Marine), of Artists’ Alley gives CCXP.

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In this month of November the Publisher Draco celebrates 10 years of existence, so they are preparing a big party on November 30th. Keep an eye on their event at: