Producer talks about Patrick Stewart collaboration on new Star Trek series

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According to producer Alex Kurtzman, it was difficult to convince Patrick Stewart to return to play Picard, so the actor actively participated in the script so that everything would be right.

“Patrick wanted to make sure that we were coming from the right place and that we were going to protect what The Next Generation means to many people and what his character specifically means to many people. And so we had several conversations, exploring his instincts and ours. Ultimately, our job was to make him feel comfortable and safe, to protect the series and him from anything that leads him astray. ”

“He stayed in the writers’ room for two weeks at the beginning of the experience, talking to the writers. Everyone spoke as they wanted this new series to be and that was very special. Patrick will send us beautiful emails about how he feels about Picard and where he thinks the character was. This gives a lot of inspiration ”.

The new series will not be a reboot of The New Generation, and should show a new stage in the life of Captain Picard. For fans the best part of the news is that actor Patrick Stewart returns to the role.
Netflix was responsible for broadcasting the latest series in the franchise, Star Trek: Discovery, to 188 countries. In the United States and Canada, the CBS channel will broadcast, 24 hours after the screening in the USA, each episode is released to the rest of the world.

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By Milena Costa