Prodigal Son | 1 × 15-16 – Death’s Door / The Job

 Prodigal Son |  1 × 15-16 - Death's Door / The Job

Two episodes to develop Malcolm and Martin’s relationship at least with themselves, but Prodigal Son too much wind to walk its plots, but at least the series and Michael Sheen makes us hate your character …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

While in “Death’s Door“We see the way Martin goes from cornered by the girl in the box to arrest her again and want to get out of that to be with his son and see what he will be able to, in”The Job”He sentences the son to be by his side so that Jessica can be saved. He knows it was Malcolm who stabbed him, but Jessica protects him and for him to protect them both, he asks his son to go once a week without fail to see him.

For Malcolm we have the dramas of disconnecting from his father and living a normal life, but his work keeps him close to murderers and his way of thinking starts to scare him at times, since he is willing to do everything possible to solve his problems. mysteries, how to play a gang against each other and almost all kill each other…

One point that is very strange, but that reached its peak here is Eve, who always seemed detached and a new case for Malcolm, but now she is inside Jessica’s mansion, promising help, only the worst thing was seeing her break away friend to go to the basement, find Martin’s box and lock himself in it.

Malcolm’s relationship with the team gets better and better… He gets closer to Edrisa and they even exchange even more jokes, with Dany there is a very brotherly relationship, while JT still has a foot in the door, but he already understands how it works. Gil is the one who worries too much and is always by his side, and one thing I liked was Jessica using this to pin Martin.

Prodigal Son come on, come on, but we’re not going very far, the series plays clues, but it’s not enough… If nothing happens in season finale, I will abandon the series this season.