Prodigal Son | 1 × 13 – Wait & Hope

 Prodigal Son |  1 × 13 - Wait & Hope

Prodigal Son it made Malcolm lighter moments before he needed to go on vacation and it was great, but of course his vacation was canceled… It was nice to see the case of the day so exciting and end up moving more other people.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The idea of ​​putting a killer fan of classical literature and leaving notes by the bodies recreating The Count of Monte Cristo it was sensational. Of course, Malcolm is more than intrigued and Martin is ecstatic to help his son, but without knowing that he is angry at discovering that he tried to kill him. I hope you come back on this, because Martin was very slippery …

Jessica finally realized that this is her son’s gift, and when she sees him play the hero to save a man and everyone in high society get silly about the feat, she sees that her son makes a difference and is happier. Even Ainsley starts to see everything with different eyes, including her mother, the clothing school scene was simple, but full of meaning for their relationship.

Dani and JT gradually gain more space and even the small space given to Edrisa is very good, but here Dani was the highlight. She is closer to Malcolm and the two because they are so different, but because they have been through so much, each in their own way, ends up putting them in a situation of understanding through each other’s attitudes. Jessica amazed by her beauty and he was speechless was great, but the script makes it clear that the best of her is not that, but her intelligence.

The murderer was the daughter of an employee who, when falling in love with the boss’s son, when they had an accident, she was left behind, because thinking that she had died, he did not want to “end” his son’s life. Then she comes back killing everyone involved in hiding her accident.

Prodigal Son has interesting characters and they finally start to grow, but I want more of Malcolm and Martin’s relationship and how far it can go.