Prodigal Son | 1 × 05 – The Trip

 Prodigal Son |  1 × 05 - The Trip

Showing about the consequences of not sleeping, Prodigal Son puts Malcolm more crazy and with a sharp tongue on top of everyone, while remembering the moment he had with his father …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Without sleeping and dying to investigate a murder, Malcolm messes with Gil, TJ and Dani, in search of being active, and to avoid creating problems for himself and the people around him. The problem is that he ends up with everything and even offends other people, but all because of his sleep deprivation.

I really liked his relationship with Dani, as I had already seen in the first episode, and this one just highlighted that for me. The two investigating the boy’s death and discovering that it was not the mafia, but a vindictive mother, was very tense, as she lost her daughter to the drugs of these men and wanted to kill everyone. The problem is that Dani had contact with some of the people involved and many of them did not know that she is a police officer.

On Malcolm’s part, his sleep deprivation makes him insane, but puts him in a position to understand that he has no friends. When the drug pops in his face and takes him to rest, he sleeps and someone else comes back.

I enjoyed his meeting with Jessica, as there is more affection between them. Now, I didn’t understand much about Eve, who is watching him strangely, let’s see the paths followed for him and his family, and what the real intentions of this woman are.

Fact is that Prodigal Son reinforces that there is something more in the relationship between Malcolm and Martin and that as a boy he knew more than he should and was involved in something …