Prodigal Son | 1 × 04 – Designer Complicity

 Prodigal Son |  1 × 04 - Designer Complicity

And Malcolm’s family dramas continue to stand out in Prodigal Son and make the series even more interesting than his strange cases to which he needs to profile the killers.

The most sensational in this episode is the performance of Bellamy Young.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Because of the chloroform Malcolm starts to try to put his mother Jessica in the wall, but he is very beside himself with the discovery. In her mind she knows about the deaths that peace has caused and he does his best to assume this for him, even going as far as Martin to understand their relationship.

While Malcolm tries to focus on work, it turns out that Jessica is a little out of her mind, and even with Ainsley she comes to argue, which causes her daughter to be surprised, because the girl, who has always been estranged from her father, ends up discovering that her mother and the brother is in contact with him, and she swims. In the end she ends up meeting Martin, and I believe that this meeting can be quite problematic.

Malcolm then asks Gil for help and gets his mother’s testimony the night his father was arrested … That’s when he understands that his mind did not play a trick on him, but his mother imagined about women, but in the context that her father had countless lovers, and that she swallowed these cases for herself, and that she was not his accomplice in the deaths.

The final moment of the two was very beautiful, because he finally apologized to her.

The case of the week was that of a model, murdered and her body found exactly as in the first photo taken with her photographer. I liked the idea of ​​the stalker, but a paparazzi imagines who the killer is, and ends up helping Malcolm by taking everything from within the “family” of the famous Axel-X.

I like the interaction of the police friends, how JT is still very skeptical of Malcolm’s presence, but he has good chats with him, and in the same way we have Dani, who cares about him, but gets a bit behind when it comes to open up. The best interactions within the team end up being the morbid tone between Malcolm and Edrisa, a very strange feeling evolved between them.

In the end, the killer is Axel X’s security guard, but the deaths are covered almost by everyone close to the artist.

Prodigal Son continues to have its main plot more interesting than the weekly cases, which is good, but they need to put more interesting things to be invested by the police, because Martin Sheen and Tom Payne steal the show.