Prodigal Son | 1 × 02 – Annihilator

 Prodigal Son |  1 × 02 - Annihilator

The theme of this episode was “family love” and Prodigal Son fits the theme of the week’s murder well with Malcolm and Martin’s relationship, and how his mother Jessica tries to overprotect him.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The series remains interesting, the performance of Michael Sheen and Tom Payne holds the tension between the two very well. Malcolm doesn’t answer his father and Martin does his best to find out about the case and help his son, but he has a secret behind it all and the boy’s flashes of memory worry everyone, even his mother.

Malcolm needs a medicine that starts to make him see more of what happened and it makes him desperate, because he knows he had a woman in the box in his father’s office, but then everything is a mystery, mainly because of the drug his father gave you . It was very tense Malcolm saying that he wasted a lot of his life from the meeting of the woman in the box until he called the police, and that he had better forget everything.

This mystery of what Malcolm did is great for expanding the boy’s past and what he can do, at the same time, we see a very cute relationship growing between him and coroner Esidra.

The case of the episode again put Malcolm alongside JT, Arroyo and Dani, which leaves everyone unsure what to do, but the boy gets a place for him on the team. The case involves the death of a family and the bastard son ends up being responsible, but the journey to reach him is that it is very cool.

The killer’s motivation was love, that he wanted to be part of that family, but when he saw his father paying for him to disappear from his life, while another son wants to disappear and even changes his name, he leaves him out of his mind, forcing his father to leave. to see him lose each of his family and feel the pain of it before he dies.

Prodigal Son it speaks of love in a very intense way and the motivations of people’s pain and even their madness, which makes everything fit together. Now it’s time to see what Malcolm did and how far his family went to hide his past in the back of his mind.