Post of the Russo brothers make fans of the Marvel Universe anxious

Post of the Russo brothers make fans of the Marvel Universe anxious

The Russo brothers left fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) in an uproar with a tweet published in an official account last Wednesday (10).

The post is composed of an image that reads “07/19/19”, with a recording in the background, where we hear the brothers talking to a certain audience. The video’s date, with an inverted day and month – as “the standard” in the United States “mandates”, concerns when the brothers present a panel at the Comic-Con event, which takes place in San Diego: next Friday, day July, 19. The event has several panels produced by Marvel Studios.

The publication’s audio, in turn, refers to Marvel’s presentation at the 2017 event. At the time, the Russo brothers told the audience that there was no chance that they would not show any content, then presenting the audience with the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War.

Check out the video:

– Russo Brothers (@Russo_Brothers) July 10, 2019

In addition to reaffirming the presence of the directors on the panel, the publication generates a huge expectation in the fans, who await news about phase 4 of the UCM since the release of Avengers: Ultimatum.

The brothers have already announced that they will not be directing any Marvel films, at least, for a long time, but fans believe that despite this, Greg and Anthony have a lot of information about the future of the studio to present to fans.

The panel, entitled “A conversation with the Russo brothers”, takes place on the 19th. In the panel’s description, it appears that
directors Joe and Anthony Russo will reflect on Ultimatum and what the next steps are from now on.

“Come and listen to directors Joe and Anthony Russo reflect on the Ultimatum and its epic journey for him, as they move on to life beyond Marvel with their new company, AGBO, which includes an exciting series of new and old creative friends,” he says. the description.

The San Diego Comic-Con starts on July 18th and ends on 21st. To check the event’s schedule, click here.

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