‘Pokas’: Thiago Ventura’s Netflix special takes ‘Dark’ from TOP 1

‘Pokas’: Thiago Ventura’s Netflix special takes ‘Dark’ from TOP 1

Thiago Ventura, phenomenon of, has just launched a special on Netflix. lasts 1 hour and 22 minutes, where the comedian, born in Taboão da Serra (SP), tells funny stories about life in the Quebrada. The special is very successful and has already surpassed the acclaimed series , thus occupying the first place in the TOP 10 the platform.

thiago ventura on netflix

Thiago Ventura’s Netflix Special:

In this special without filters, Thiago Ventura jokes about life in the river, social issues and more, showing that actions speak more than words.

Watching, the viewer will see many facets of the comedian: actor, writer, director, clown (of course), dancer, sound artist and even emotional. All of this with just a microphone and a stage.

it’s your third comedy show. The first was, which talks about the importance of comedy in the humorist’s life. The second is called, about the fruits that the comedy has yielded. Both are available on Thiago Ventura’s official YouTube channel.

Now I have created, which comes from few ideas, the philosophy of life that brought me here. You know?

Explains the comedian, about the special on Netflix.



Original title:
Duration: 82 minutes
Launch: July 2, 2020
Distributor: Netflix
Directed by: Fabio Ock, Joana Mazzucchelli
Classification: 16 years
Genre: Stand-up comedy
Country of origin: Brazil