Pocahontas: The first Disney princess in North America

Pocahontas: The first Disney princess in North America

Pocahontas it’s the first Disney princess North-American. Inspired by the Matoaka Indian, who was popularly known as Pocahontas, appears on the screens in 1995, with his eponymous film. After three years of his success, he returns to a sequel,.

Unlike other princesses at Disney studios, Pocahontas is not part of a monarchy and does not even marry royalty, but is the daughter of the native-Indian chief Powhatan. Even so, it is included in the Disney Princess line.

The story of the feature goes through the indigenous roots of Virginia and clearly exposes the prejudice between natives and colonists. This can even be analyzed in one of the most famous and representative songs of the production, (, in Portuguese), when the protagonist questions what John Smith considers “wild”.

According to some foreign sites, there is a good chance that Pocahontas will win one. Second, it would not be a surprise that there was this version, since the original won Golden Globes and Academy awards in the categories ‘Best Original Song’ () and ‘Best Original Musical’ (for composer Alan Menken and lyricist Stephen Schwartz ). On the other hand, Disney has not confirmed anything so far.

Pocahontas and representativeness

In addition to being the first North American Disney princess, Pocahontas is the only one with two love interests. If, in the first film, the chosen one was John Smith, in the continuation it became John Rolfe, both English.

More than that, the indigenous protagonist represents peoples decimated in the American territory, the Amerindians, and broadens the horizon for a reflection on a still very current discussion, which is the question of the civilized and the wild.

Thus, the feature does not hide the prejudice of the colonists in relation to the inhabitants of Virginia, seen as animals – zoomorphization -, and portrays the British’s incessant search for gold and other precious metals.

Personality and appearance

Pocahontas has shown herself to be stubborn from the beginning, as well as a courageous woman who hardly gives up what she wants. She is kind, wise and very attached to spiritual forces. On several occasions, it is seen as a guide and protector of everything and everyone – humans, animals and nature.

With regard to appearance, it is considered by many to be exotic. Her skin oscillates between a dark brown tone and a copper color. He has very expressive eyes and long hair, both in a dark brown tone that blends with black.

Clothing, in turn, is not what draws attention to the protagonist. The only detail that does not go unnoticed is the shoe that she wears in the second film, but is soon left aside, since it is not part of the culture of beautiful India and she does not want to leave her cornering traditions at the expense of the English.

pocahontas 2

The history of the film

The film begins with the difficult journey of the English towards Virginia, in the United States, and the strange dreams that Pocahontas has been having.

Despite being impressed by her dreams, the protagonist continues to live her life normally – venturing mainly with her friends Meeko and Flit, a raccoon and a hummingbird – until she discovers, through her father, Powhatan, that Kocoum , one of the Chief’s bravest warriors, intends to marry her. Pocahontas doesn’t love him, but he believes he will be a good husband. With that, the Chief of the tribe presents him with his mother’s necklace, which she had worn at her wedding.

After feeling that this path should not be traced, Pocahontas visits Grandma Willow for advice. However, the humanized tree indicates that the protagonist is on the right track and that she only needs to hear the spirits of the land, who then take her to meet European vessels.

Later, the indigenous woman accidentally encounters one of the settlers, John Smith, and is faced with the prejudice he has towards his people. After singing, Pocahontas manages to change Smith’s perception and the two begin to fall in love.

In the midst of the relationship between Pocahontas and John Smith, Nakoma, a friend of the protagonist does not approve, but swears to keep secret when the two agree to meet in the forest at dusk. When the couple meets, they reveal that both peoples intend to make a war. After arguments, she asks Smith to talk to his father. Finally, he agrees and the two kiss.

kiss from Pocahontas and Johns Smith

Upon seeing the two kissing, Kocoum attacks the settler and Pocahontas tries to stop. Meanwhile, Thomas, a friend of John who was looking for him, shoots the Indian. From there, Smith decides to take the blame and is taken to the village, where he is sentenced to death.

About to be executed, John is saved by Pocahontas who argues with the two peoples, saying that this was not the best way to resolve differences. Everyone understands the young woman, except Governor Ratcliffe, who fires at the Chief. However, John saves his life and takes the bullet.

At the end of the plot, Smith invites the young woman to go with him to England, who prefers to be with his people. So they say goodbye and promise never to forget each other.

Film and Brazil

Although it seems unlikely, it always reminds José de Alencar of a great classic of Brazilian literature (1865).

Starting with the name of the work, which is an anagram of the word “America”. Iracema is a brave, brave and protective Tabajara Indian, just like Pocahontas. In addition to her similar personality, the honeymoon virgin also falls in love with a settler, Martim, who is Portuguese and an ally of the Potiguara tribe – enemies of his people.

Like the Disney phenomenon, Alencar, more than a century earlier, also brought up forbidden love and the issue of civilization and “savagery”, as it was considered by the colonizers.