PlayStation 5: See what to expect from the new generation

PlayStation 5

Sony finally revealed, on June 11, what the new console of this generation will be like. Even with some delay compared to its competitor, Microsoft.

Much has been speculated about a prototype leaked on the Internet, with a big V on top of it. The official presentation made all fears fall to the ground and finally we saw the face of this new and peculiar generation of consoles. A digital version was also shown, which brings the console without the entry for CDs, being only possible to play by purchasing the games through PSN (subscription service and digital game purchases).

PlayStation 5

With a white tone on the outside and dark parts in the center, the PlayStation 5 got good impressions and gave the Internet new memes. Just like the Xbox series x refrigerator, we have the PlayStation 5 router … with no limits to creativity.

PlayStation 5 Meme

Joking aside, the new console has very interesting aspects in its design. A zoom was shown on its white part, and it was possible to see details of relief. Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful ever released.

Games shown at the event

At the event, we saw great titles announced. We separate the most promising and the most famous

We started with one of the darlings and the first fan outbreak during the event broadcast:

playstation games

With the success of the PlayStation 4 release, a sequel was to be expected. A beautifully executed trailer was shown, showing parts of the gameplay and powers already known to Miles’ longtime fans. The game is scheduled to be released in 2020.

Resident Evil Village

Appearing with a super mysterious trailer, the saga returns already guaranteeing the attention of fans. Nobody could say that the beginning of the trailer would be the new one, not even the most astute viewer. It was a shock.

The rumors were right about the new title of the franchise. The plug falls when Chris Redfield apologizes to Ethan (protagonist of), and, soon after, shoots an unknown woman so far. The game is scheduled for 2021.

video game

In the era of Remakes and Remasters, why not remake one of the best RPG games? And that was the idea of ​​the studio that will direct this new project.

Even without direct participation from FromSoftware (the studio that started the franchise), BluePoint’s management seems to have taken a path that pleases fans, maintaining the essence already known to older players.

With what little you could see in your trailer, the “new” game seems to have a course almost the same as its predecessor. For now, no release date.

best video games

The franchise, which debuted on PlayStation 4, returns to this new generation with a lot of respect from players. With, the surprises with the plot were the most positive possible, being more than Sony’s obligation to expand this game for PC – even with some more lunatic fans making this migration a problem.

The new game already shows what to expect from this new plot, bringing even more mysteries and a possible outcome to the biggest mystery of the last game.

In the trailer, we see Aloy exploring the West, a dangerous area mentioned in the first game as explored by a few. In addition to showing new enemies. For now, no release date.