Pixar’s Theory and the idea that its films are related

Pixar’s Theory and the idea that its films are related

The Pixar Animation Studios (Pixar Animation Studios) are an American animation company that today belongs to Disney.

THE Pixar Theory is based on the idea that all films of this company are set in the same universe and are interconnected. Most of the animations take place at different times, in another reality of the past, present and future.

The first film released by Pixar was, in 1995, however, this is not the animation that would start the history of this universe. The snippets of the theory fit together without following a release schedule, but from ages and phases of the planet’s development during the films.

Pixar theory and its chronology

The story would begin with the film (2015).

The good Dinosaur

In this perspective, the meteor that originally should have hit Earth and was the consequence for the extinction of the dinosaurs did not reach the planet, therefore, humans started to live and exist at the same time as them. However, due to the climate and changes in the planet’s fauna, natural selection has caused dinosaurs to die over time.

In the film, the cause of death of one of the dinosaurs is a flood, which, in theory, would make humans more able to survive such changes because they are more intelligent and develop better means of survival.

The animation that follows the theory is, which takes place in the old Scotland and is one of the key points for the connection of the entire Pixar universe.


In this film, Merida discovers the magic of a witch and turns her mother into a bear. This witch has the power to transform doors into portals, give life to inanimate objects and personify animals, making them behave like humans.

Over the decades, this magic has multiplied and started to affect more and more objects and animals, which makes us arrive in the movies and .

The idea is that toys and some animals become more and more intelligent and autonomous, and human beings realize this.

This fact that generates a certain rivalry between humans, animals and toys, since humans have always been the most intelligent and have become accustomed to exploiting the supposedly inferior ones. The small possibility of another race’s rise has become a threat.

Charles Muntz, the villain of, was one of those people who were against the development of animal intelligence.

Up!  High Adventures

So he tries to control an army of dogs by creating a collar that translates everything they say into human language, however, at the end of the film, Charles dies and the dogs are out in the world.

In this same animation, the character Carl was being forced to sell his house to a company that was expanding more and more, which shows a type of industrial revolution that the planet was going through in this phase of the universe. The company is called Buy n Large Corporation, or BNL, which would have a translation similar to “Bulk Purchasing Corporation”.

In, it is possible to see that the animal society is more evolved, already managing to create schools and human reading method.

Finding Nemo

In the timeline, they would fit in as a government procedure that went wrong, but their stories coexist throughout the other films.

The Incredibles

The reflection of the existence of these heroes is seen in the film, in the scene where a child reads a comic book about them and, also, in which the cook Linguini uses intimate robes with the theme of the characters.

In this animation, we see the first signs of a machine (The Android Man) wondering why to obey human beings and deciding to act on their own.

* These machines would be an evolution and branching of the witch’s magic, of the film, that gave life to the objects.

In this period of the theory’s timeline, machines would be trying to conquer the world and wage a war of domination, leaving clues since the film, in which the villain Lotso – a toy – was trying to fight against human beings.

In addition to dominating, machines needed to suck the energy of living beings in general, in the same way that, for a toy to come to life, it would need a child to play with it, this also made the machines go to war with animals, and win .

BNL, the same company that appears in, also appears to be responsible for the destruction and pollution of planet Earth, making it almost impossible to be inhabited by living beings.

Thus, the animation shows that human beings are sent to live in spaceships in space in a sedentary and alienated way, having this lifestyle fueled by consumerism and no longer being a threat to machines on Earth.


The film is the future in which machines completely dominated the planet and created advanced and organized societies.


However, due to the immense pollution and deforestation, the machines themselves did not resist the state that the planet and nature became. Thus, they were practically extinct from Earth, leaving only Wall-e.


The chance that he survived is that he had such a pure and real connection with humanity that it made him continue to exist.

At the end of the film, it is seen that humans return to Earth and bring the last living plant in a boot. The credits show that this plant is cultivated and becomes a tree.

This tree would be the same tree that appears in the film.

In the same way that the cockroach in the film survived wars and pollution, several insects in other parts of the world also managed to survive, as seen in. In addition, they have evolved to the point of also creating their own organized society; since humans came back from space in an extremely inferior amount, they are not the main ones in animation.

After all these events, we come to the story of. After years, humans, animals and machines have repopulated the land. However, due to the immense amount of garbage and pollution left by the machines since the end of, the planet released radiation that mutated living beings for decades, which resulted in monsters.

Monsters Inc

In, they are suffering a shortage of energy and, for that, with their advanced technology, they use doors to go back to the time when human children existed and to scare them by sucking their energy. The character Boo was the first child to enter the world of monsters and was enchanted, however, at the end of the film, she can no longer find this portal.

According to the theory hypothesis, Boo grew up obsessed with the Sulley show and learned ways to go back in time or advance, for this, she ended up participating in another time in history, as in.

In other words: the witch of is the oldest version of Boo managing to go back and change the timeline of the planet. It may have helped to generate a temporal paradox with a disastrous consequence for humanity.

The evidence used to prove that she is a time traveler is that in the witch’s den – in the film – the figure of Sulley appears carved in wood. In addition, in another scene in the film, the witch appears carving a truck from Pizza Panet, a company of the future that appears in several Pixar films and in different timelines.

The animation is a personification of the energy that the monsters took from the children in.

Inside Out

In addition, the character Bing Bong, from Divetido, would be a monster who broke the rules in and lived with a child, making her think he was her imaginary friend. When Bing Bong is forgotten, he disappears and falls into oblivion village, the same as with the forgotten dead in.

Therefore, even the most recent Pixar films will fit the theory in different ways, and the next ones tend to follow the same line.