Pirate Snake presents ‘Poppin’, by Klandestine in partnership with HOOD

Pirate Snake

Pirate Snake arrives with another collaboration in 2020, this time with the talented DJ and producer from Maranhão HOOD, launched by Klandestine. Tech House style music brings something new to the market with a mix of different elements, to get out of common sense, but at the same time super interesting. it is the artist’s second song on the renowned Brazilian label and the name refers to the action of opening champagne bottles, giving her a chic air.

Pirate Snake

Following the hectic launching schedule, Raul Mendes, the name behind the project, increasingly presents us with his versatility and mastery in the art of production.

We started the project and soon HOOD sent me the first idea. The sound was very similar to that of Fisher. After all, which new Tech House artist doesn’t dream of being him? But I soon showed that it is possible to do something unique and with identity, even in a collab. This track, modesty aside, is a mix of consultancy for a young talent to be polished, with an experiment of a new sound for myself. Hope you like it.

Pirate Snake account.

With the support of Fractall, one of the creators of the label, it is another song that shows the quality of common production of Raul Mendes and brings a name with more class, making reference to bottles of champagne, worthy of a fine Tech House. This being the second release of Pirate Snake by Klandestine, the track promises to please lovers of the sound of the track.

The 22 year old from Maranhão, HOOD, also introduces his good taste and sound quality through. He recently released Moving On, with Brows Space Sheeps, and got support from some names on the national scene.

We were introduced a while ago by a mutual friend from Rio. Hood already lived in Brasília and attended my events, but he was afraid to talk to me. Funny, because this is a very common thing within our market. Sometimes artists are afraid to call others with more baggage out of shame or fear of being simply denied. However, this does not happen to me. We had a nice synergy and the result is there.

Adds Raul.

After the success of his last release, in partnership with Pleight, by the Belgian label LouLou Records, Pirate Snake shows that there is no pandemic that will stop him from producing and filling the repertoire of quality tracks. Check it out and have fun with a respected Tech House.