Pirate Snake chuckles with “El Brabo” in collab with 3VO

Pirate Snake chuckles with “El Brabo” in collab with 3VO

If there is an artist, concerned and interested in feeding the public with new songs, this is Pirate Snake. The turn of the ball of the project of the experienced DJ and producer Raul Mendes is called “El Brabo”, again inspired by a villain theme of children’s stories and in collaboration with the young man 3VO.

In just one year as Pirate Snake, Raul Mendes has produced more than 20 tracks. “El Brabo” was inspired by western movies. For the artist, the brabo is that guy who opens the saloon door in the kick, spits on the floor, everyone runs out of fear, even the sheriff, and drinks cachaça with gunpowder laughing. Even the waiter is afraid of him.

“I was inspired by the character and theme by watching a movie with my daughter, ‘Despicable Me 2’. In the plot, the villain, ‘El Macho’, jumps from an airplane mounted on a shark tied to 7 kg of dynamite, launching himself into the mouth of an erupting volcano. I soon thought, ‘This one is angry …’. I still joined with the current slang, the so-called ‘spearhead’ and such ”

account Pirate Snake.

The collab with 3VO also brought inspiration to the name of the track, since the young DJ was also using this expression that is on the rise. With the idea very clear, the technical part was very simple.

The track has a bandit laugh vocal added to a sample with a “gangsta” footprint for the chorus, and finally, with a “teminha synth” for the drop. All of this in accordance with the lead used by Raul and his Tech House footprint already seen in previous releases.

With a sound that will surely please everyone, “El Brabo” can compose the House parties made by electronic music lovers throughout Brazil during the quarantine.