Pirate Snake brings a reinterpretation of the classic House Music. Listen to ‘Changes’!

Pirate Snake Changes

Pirate Snake is back! This time, with , in a reinterpretation of one of the classics of House worldwide. Imputing his identity, pulling for a Tech House, the newest release of the Brazilian DJ and producer Raul Mendes, name behind the project, he obtained all the licenses to launch it as original.

Pirate Snake Changes

I re-recorded the whole vocal with the parts that fit the vibe I wanted to pass. I remade the sound of the piano, and all the other elements are absolutely new. Then came the most important part, the license to release as original. We received the approval and the result you can see now.

Pirate Snake account.

After the success of his last releases, in partnership with Pleight, by the Belgian label LouLou Records, and the respected Tech House, Pirate Snake shows that there is no pandemic that will stop him from producing and filling the repertoire of quality tracks.

has references to the musicality of one of the producers with whom Raul has already shared a booth: Sonny Fodera. Inspired by the Australian, Raul assembles the track that goes from classic, to pop and underground, “without ‘mimimi’ from anywhere”, according to Pirate Snake.

I’m a nostalgic guy and I believe that those who follow my work have already realized this, right ?! Every time I do a remix, cover or whatever, I try not to catch current stuff. I always look for songs from the past that were references and important at some point in my life. in addition, it also portrays the current moment of my life. Several changes, which in this case is my new Pirate Snake project, without leaving behind my references, like House, after all, I am Raulzera, right.

Raul jokes.

So, do not miss the opportunity to relive moments spent with this super rereading of Pirate Snake. is available on all digital platforms.