Pirate Snake and Pleight release “Happiness” re-reading a Jazz

Pirate Snake and Pleight release “Happiness” re-reading a Jazz

There are songs that never die and much less become old, and something increasingly common in the electronic scene is the search for these hits of different musical styles to extract their melodies or instrumental base and create something new and current.

Thus, two Brazilian artists with extreme skill in this practice, the producers Pirate Snake and Pleight, came together to launch “Happiness”, reinterpretation of a famous Jazz, a success in the 70s, by the renowned LouLou Records, Belgian label LouLou Players.

“The track is a reinterpretation of a Jazz called ‘Love & Happiness’ by Al Green and it came in very handy with the moment we are living in. We need more love and happiness in our minds and hearts. I’ve been really enjoying producing songs of this style and I’m preparing many others ”

account Pirate Snake.

Both projects value musical quality and the story behind each release, something increasingly taken into consideration by fans. All of this is the result of a better educated electronic scene.

“When I thought about ‘Happiness’, I wanted to do something different than what I was used to. You can see that the track is quieter and has several elements that I had stopped using in my productions, such as trumpet and guitar.

Even so, I kept a super groove, which makes it extremely danceable. Her name came in handy, because it conveys that feeling of happiness ”

adds Pleight.

Play on “Happiness” in Pirate Snake & Pleight and be happy!