Petra Belas Artes exhibits The Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of The Moon in December!

Petra Belas Artes exhibits The Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of The Moon in December!

THE Petra Fine Arts announces its Belas Sonoriza project that begins with the exhibition of The Wizard of Oz, sounded live by the band Pink Floyd Dream, in celebration of the 80th anniversary of the film.

Victor Fleming’s classic this year celebrates 80 years, and thus, the cinema and the invited band Pink Floyd Dream, will perform the songs of “Dark Side of The Moon”, the classic Pink Floyd album, released in 1973, along with the 1939 film.

Based on the children’s book of the same name by L. Frank Baum, the film follows the long journey of the Dorothy girl to rescue her pet puppy after she was taken by a Kansas tornado to a fantastic land where witches, cowardly lions, talking scarecrows and a lot more.

Starring Judy Garland, in the role of Dorothy, the film was considered one of the top five in American cinematography by the American Film Institute. “Over the Rainbow”, in turn, is often touted as the best theme song in Hollywood history.

You may have spent a lifetime thinking that “Over the Rainbow” is the perfect song for “The Wizard of Oz”. But maybe he’ll change his mind forever after watching the movie with the “Dark Side of The Moon” soundtrack. Believe me, this is magical!

Belas Sonoriza – “The Wizard of Oz” with Pink Floyd Dream | Petra Fine Arts
When: Sunday, December 15, starting at 2pm
Where: Rua da Consolação, 2423 – Consolação – São Paulo / SP
Phone: (11) 2894-5781
Values: Tickets cost R $ 40.00 and R $ 20.00 (half, for students and better age). It has numbered seats. In all rooms, chairs suitable for the obese and space for wheelchair users.
Tickets: At the box office (debit cards: all; does not accept credit cards or checks) or through the website