Peter Pan live-action in development at Disney? Is what it seems…

 Peter Pan live-action in development at Disney?  Is what it seems…

The list of animations in the Disney to be transformed into live-action it’s giant, we’ve already commented on ArrobaNerd, and today (6) it was announced that one of the next projects under development at Disney is animation Peter Pan.

Released with a play in 1904, and later in a book, the character is best known for the animation released in 1953. And as the figure of Peter Pan is already considered public domain, that is, the characters can be used by any studio for creation films, TV series, etc., we have had many adaptations for the cinema.

In 2003, we had a film about the character released by Universal Pictures, and in 2015, it was the turn of the Warner Bros launch a movie with Hugh Jackman like the Captain Hook.

The character appeared in Peter Pan Live !, a musical shown live on the NBC network, where it was played by the actress Alisson Willans, and even on the TV series, Era uma vez, that passed on the Sony Channel in Brazil.

According to the WeGotThis Covered, Disney’s idea is to recreate the film based on the animation of the studio itself, in which the search for actors has already started according to the publication. Disney plans to release the film with little-known actors as it was in Aladdin.

So, like the story about the live-action mix with animation of The little detective, the project can also go to Disney’s streaming service, the Disney +.

The information was just rumors.