Peter Jackson claims not to be involved in the Lord of the Rings series

Peter Jackson claims not to be involved in the Lord of the Rings series

With Amazon’s streaming service ahead of the production of the new series based on Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, rumors emerged that Peter Jackson, director of the film trilogy, would be involved in the project, but the next one recently denied, during an interview on New York Comic Con on October 5th.

To the Comic Book, Jackson denied his participation in the new series, but confessed to looking forward to watching it: “I’m looking forward to it,” said Jackson. “I was a guy who couldn’t see the Lord of the Rings like everyone else, because I had to do it, so I’m looking forward to seeing someone take Tolkien’s world.”

The popular director was at the event for the Mortal Machines panel, his new film to be released by Universal Studios later this year. As for the relationship between the two pieces, he comments that “Tolkien’s world has been established for about 7,000 years, this is defined in 3,000 years in the future, a time when there is no other country in society. There are cities, states on wheels, huge and called traction cities or predatory cities. They roam the world, consuming smaller cities. They literally eat them. So, it’s a very different society. “

And while the Lord of the Rings series has yet to begin production and may be delayed, audiences at Madison Square Garden on Friday were already able to see the opening 25 minutes of the new plot, Deadly Machines, whose premiere is set for the January 10th in Brazilian cinemas. Remember the latest trailer:

“In a post-apocalyptic world, cities have been transformed into vehicles and are now called traction cities. They exploit each other’s natural resources and in the midst of chaos is Tom Natsworthy and an assassin, who struggle to survive as a new weapon threatens the future. “

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