PerifaCon and Casa Warner promote partnership to distribute Casa Warner by Friends tickets

PerifaCon and Casa Warner promote partnership to distribute Casa Warner by Friends tickets

THE PerifaCon, in partnership with Warner Channel, will distribute 2 thousand tickets to social partners, young people and teenagers from different poor communities in São Paulo and region to visit Warner House by Friends, which will work during the September 18 to October 13.

THE PerifaCon is an initiative of lovers of comics, books, drawings and pop culture in general, who grew up in areas far from São Paulo and take this cultural universe to these regions.

Visitors to Warner House by Friends will be able to visit scenarios and installations with the theme of the most beloved series on the channel. In addition to the great tribute to 25 years of Friends, with two floors destined to the series, the House will also have environments and activations of the favorite series of the channel: Riverdale, with the Cheryl and Jason stroll on the Sweetwater River anchored on the Boulevard in Plaza Pamplona and with La Bonne Nuit Speakeasy, Veronica’s bar, also on the Boulevard level, after the reception and lobby of the House.

On the ground floor, the heroes of Warner Channel will be very well represented with The Flash and Supergirl, whose special rooms will have scenarios for photos with the landing of Supergirl and the room simulating the passage of Flash through the place.

Potterheads can also prepare for great moments at the secret entrance to Platform 9 ¾ Harry Potter, and fans of Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory they will be able to visit the scene of the birthplace of many of Sheldon’s fads – the Bazinga brand display and the facade of King Kong Comics. The Warner Store will also be on the ground floor, with the best articles and objects from your favorite series for sale.

Friends – 25 years very special

The first and second floors reserve the surprises that fans of Friends so much hope. On the first floor, she: a replica of the iconic Central Perk, which will have the most famous of sofas in all of New York, with specialty coffees and a Phoebe surprise.

Beside, in Monica and Rachel’s Apartment Window, you can take the classic photo of friends looking astonished at the Ugly Naked Guy. A little further on, the visitor can become one of the two most famous artistic creations of Friends: Gladys and Glyniss – and right next door, will follow steps on the floor to reproduce the priceless Geller Dance. Still on the first floor, an installation with the Most Famous Phrases in the Series will guarantee those incredible stories – with original audio accompanying the experience.

On the stairs leading to the second floor, the luminous Pivot! recalls one of the great moments of the series. At Joey and Chandler’s Apartment, dress the Head of Peru and have a surprise when you arrive at the foosball table. No memory of Joey is complete without the Ichiban lipstick display, where the visitor can use the same iconic lipstick from Joey’s commercial.

Gather your friends at the Door of Monica and Rachel’s Apartment for one of the most imitated photos of all time. If you prefer, enter the apartment with a masterful glide aboard the Dog Statue.

Next to it, Monica’s Kitchen will be the setting for the exclusive Friends Shop – 25 Years! And who knows, you may also find some of the best recipes ever made in all seasons.