Perfect Harmony | 1 × 02 – Fork Fest

 Perfect Harmony |  1 × 02 - Fork Fest

Perfect Harmony made a tasty second episode, reinforcing Arthur’s arrival in the city and the way he needs to connect with people. The coolest thing is how they work on the small town reputation idea and make everyone in the choir have problems.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Arthur, with his New York craze, treated the Fork Fest curator badly and the choir was badly distributing the performances. Understanding that he needs to connect and make a difference as a person is very cool, especially with Jax’s meaningless motivational conversation.

The cool thing is that Ginny does everything to be a good person, including lying about the reason for Wayne’s separation, and everything to not embarrass Cash, their son. But women are beginning to think that she was the one who betrayed her exemplary father, and she, or he, can deny it.

With only a musical number, after Arthur rolled in the mud to catch a pig and his reputation, Wayne talks about the reason for the breakup and makes Ginny look good. The cool thing is that the series still shows a friendship between them, even though he confuses wanting a kiss.

I wait for the next episodes of Perfect Harmony, which is not as perfect as a series, but has a little fun, mainly because of Anna Camp, which is kind. In addition, we have other characters that should be interesting when it comes time to gain their prominence, such as Adam and Dwayne.