Perfect Harmony | 1 × 01 – Pilot

 Perfect Harmony |  1 × 01 - Pilot

And we have a series of choirs this season, and Perfect Harmony, gives NBC, brings a good dose of humor, drama and music to this format. In his first episode, the best is his cast with the incredible Anna Camp.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The plot revolves around Arthur (Bradley Whitford), a doctor who lost his wife and buries her in his hometown cemetery, but ends up bumping into Ginny (Camp) and his choir full of peculiarities.

In the same way that Ginny ends up convincing Arthur to train them, of course he still has a fight with the coordinator of the rival choir, he also gets involved in the life of each member of the choir and does his best to help them.

Ginny did not resolve with her ex-husband, Shep has feelings for her, now the funniest is Raj, an Indian who learned the films and their titles almost literally.

With little confusion and a pleasant mood to accompany, Perfect Harmony he does not win in his first audition, but he draws attention for his particularities. I’ll follow the comedy a little more and see how far Camp and Whitford will go next to Will Greenberg, Tymberlee Hill, Geno Segers, Rizwan Manji and Spencer Allport.