Paul Rudd ventes about trauma: “I’m never totally relaxed”

Paul Rudd ventures about traumas:

Paul Rudd ventures about traumas:
Photo: Disclosure / Netflix

Paul Rudd, a star known primarily for his role as Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, also stars in the recently released Cara x Cara (Living With Yourself), Netflix Original series.

The new production addresses the story of a man, Miles, who is disappointed in himself, seeing the decay of his marriage, his professional life and his own happiness. To improve his life, he undergoes a mysterious treatment, but ends up being cloned and, now, he needs to fight against an improved version of himself.

In the midst of existential crises, both human and clone, sére follows a narrative with a strong dramatic charge – albeit a few moments of comedy. In a recent interview with The Independent, the star comments that he is dealing with similar traumas in real life.

As a public figure, Rudd is often targeted by tabloids and gossip columns, and it affected his person and the way he behaved on camera: “In my private life, I’m dealing with all the scars, trauma and things to live my real life. When I’m in public, I give a smooth and very filtered version. “

The star continues: “There is only one natural and non-authentic version that will have to happen. I never did an interview when my guard was down. It is inevitable. I can answer a question sincerely, but it is always with a lens of how it works. it can be read or seen, and that changes by nature. I’m never totally relaxed. And although I’m not trying to manipulate what you get, I think, on some level, it’s just manipulation and it’s not authentic. ”

The first season of Cara x Cara came to Netflix last Friday, October 18th.

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