Patrick Wilson comments on the possibility of Orm and Aquaman working together in the future


Commenting on the possibility of Orm and Arthur working together in the future, actor Patrick Wilson even compared his character to Loki, Marvel’s famous “villain”.

“I see the similarity in the sense that, like Loki, you have a guy you can trust to a certain extent. (…) I think there will always be a strong connection between Arthur and Orm. How this will work, your guess is so good but I think that, yes, they could work together. I say that as a fan, not as someone who knows something or because there are several possible narratives, but because I’m sure that even working together, there would be a moment when it wouldn’t work more. It’s someone hard to trust, but that moment in the end [de Aquaman] that he has with Atlanna and Arthur’s last words to him are so, so important and deserved “

Aquaman is one of DC’s toughest heroes. He’s not just the guy who talks to fish, he has several other powers like super strength, besides being the King of the Seas and owner of one of the biggest armies ever seen in the comics. All of this should be portrayed in the film.

One of the highlights of the film promises to be Amber Heard in the role of Mera, the badass wife of Aquaman, who has already appeared with very well approved costumes and characterization.

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By Milena Costa