Paris Filmes and Downtown Filmes announce list of national releases for 2020!

Paris Filmes and Downtown Filmes announce list of national releases for 2020!

2020 has arrived and with the arrival of the new year, the Paris Movies and the producer Downtown Movies announced their list of national releases.

Basically made up of comedies, the productions have a more popular appeal, but have big names like Cacau Prótasio, Fabio Porchat, Rafael Portugal, and Samantha Schmütz.

The highlights are for the comedy After I’m Crazy with Deborah Falabella and direction of Julia Rezende, the sequence of Monica’s Gang – Ties, the long Monica’s Gang – Lessons, and the Christmas comedy 10 hours for Christmas with the actors Luis Lobianco and Giulia Benite.

Check out the main releases of the studio here:

The division

Premiere date: January 23

Synopsis: In Rio de Janeiro in the 1990s, a wave of kidnappings hit the tourist city. To change this scenario, the police and delegates of DAS (Anti-kidnapping Division) will have to face the repetitive number of cases involving kidnappings.

Cast: Silvio Guindane, Marcos Palmeira, Erom Cordeiro and Natalia Lage.

At Paulinho’s gogó

Premiere: March 12

Synopsis: Paulinho Gogó (Maurício Manfrini) is known for telling amazing stories. Sitting on the bench in the square, as he keeps the attention of whoever is available, he follows the adventures he claims to have lived around Brazil.

45 2nd Half

Premiere date: March 26

Synopsis: After 40 years apart, Pedro (Tony Ramos) make an appointment with your best friends from school. The invitation to recreate a photo taken by them on the opening day of the São Paulo subway is, in reality, a pretext to warn them that he intends to kill himself, but not before he sees his team winning.

Cast: Tony Ramos, Cássio Gabus, Mendes, and Denise Fraga.

Then I’m Crazy

Photo: Downtown Filmes

Premiere date: April 23

Synopsis: Dani has a history of anxiety attacks, which have been with her since childhood. Also marked by her mother’s overprotection, between therapies and medications, she discovers that, in fact, what she has is common to all: the fright of perceiving herself in this world.

Cast: Débora Falabella, Yara de Novaes, Gustavo Vaz


Premiere: May 14

Synopsis: 1969. Marighella didn’t have time to be afraid. On the one hand, a violent military dictatorship. On the other, an intimidated left. Surrounded by guerrillas 30 years younger and willing to react, the revolutionary leader chose action.

Biography about Carlos Marighella, politician, writer and guerrilla against the Brazilian military dictatorship.

Cast: Seu Jorge, Adriana Esteves, Bruno Gagliasso.

Plague goats

Premiere date: June 11

Synopsis: –

DPA 3 – An Adventure at the End of the World

Image result for dpa 3Photo: Downtown Filmes

Premiere date: June 25

Synopsis: Pippo, Bento and Sol find themselves in trouble when Severino finds an object in the rubble of an airplane. What looked like a harmless relic was actually one of the faces of the ‘Medallion of Uzur’, responsible for controlling and manipulating all the magic in the world. As soon as he puts the artifact around his neck, the beloved porter begins to transform into an evil figure.

Cast: Pedro Henrique Motta, Letícia Braga, and Anderson Lima.

The Perfect Mother-in-Law

Premiere date: July 2

Synopsis: Neide (Protásio Cocoa) is a woman in her 40s who has separated from her husband and has little time and dreams of enjoying life as a single woman. Owner of a trendy beauty salon in the suburb of São Paulo, she put her two children in college, but the youngest, Fábio Junior (Luis Navarro), there is no sign of leaving the house. To finally achieve the longed-for freedom, she decides to train an employee of her to be the perfect wife for her son and take him out of the house.

Cast: Cacau Protásio, and Luis Navarro.

Carlinhos and Carlão

Premiere date: August 6

Synopsis: Carlão is a prejudiced man and who, after being locked in a magic closet, becomes Carlinhos, a homosexual alter-ego that takes over Carlão’s body when night falls.

Cast: Luis Lobianco, Thiago Rodrigues, and Suzy Brasil.

A Pinch of Luck

Photo: Downtown Filmes

Premiere date: August 20

Synopsis: Pearl is a children’s party entertainer who dreams of becoming a renowned Chef. For this, she also works as a sous chef in a restaurant in the South Zone of Rio. When she is approved to be an assistant to a famous Chef on a television program, her life begins to change.

Cast: Fabiana Carla.


Premiere date: September 10.

Synopsis: Two honest policemen who work in a Pacifying Police Unit (UPP) in Rio de Janeiro, risk their lives daily because they believe they can make a difference in the lives of community residents through the proposals supported by the project.

Cast: Bianca Comparato, Marcos Palmeira, and Zezé Motta.

The Passion According to GH

Premiere date: November 5

Synopsis: GH (Maria Fernanda Cândido) is a woman living in Copacabana, in Rio de Janeiro. When she fires her maid, she immediately decides to clean the service room, assuming that she will find him dirty and full of junk. There she kills a cockroach and ends up in an existential reflection, contemplating the loss of her identity.

Based on the work of Clarice Lispector.

Cast: Maria Fernanda Cândido.

10 Hours for Christmas

Related imagePhoto: Downtown Filmes

Premiere date: November 19.

Synopsis: Tired of spending Christmas nights without parental separation, the brothers Julia, Miguel and Bia devise a plan to try to reunite the family and celebrate the arrival of ‘Bom Velhinho’. However, they have against them a villain who does not forgive or even little children: time, because there are 10 hours left before Christmas!

Cast: Luis Lobianco, Giulia Benite, and Pedro Miranda.

Monica’s Gang – Lessons

Premiere date: December 10

Synopsis: Based on the graphic novel with the same name.

Cast: Giulia Benite, Kevin Vechiatto, and Laura Rauseo.

Special Agents

Premiere date: December 24

Synopsis: Tony and Jeff are special agents, specializing in infiltrating crime. Because they are gay, the two always receive mild cases. Tired of the monotonous routine, the two intercept an operation to arrest a gang that was going to rob a jewelry store. The duo’s action is a disaster and they are expelled from the corporation, but are invited to join the gang, which only has bandits cats. Now the two will infiltrate to prevent the theft and show that they can return to the police.

Cast: Paulo Gustavo, Marcus Majella.

And new video above we can see that the studio still has many more films for the year that has no release date like the suspense Fear Therapy with Cléo Pires, the comedy Lucicrede Goes to Mars with the comedian Fabiana Karla, The Speaker with Fábio Porchat, Who Will Stay With Mario? with Daniel Rocha, Felipe Abib and Letícia Lima, My sister and I with Ingrid Guimarães and Tatá Werneck, To Ryca 2 with Samantha Schmütz, and Two plus two with Marcelo Serrado and Carol Castro.

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