‘Pandemic’: In times of coronavirus, Netflix series is essential

‘Pandemic’: In times of coronavirus, Netflix series is essential

In January, the Netflix launched a documentary series called . One month after the premiere, the outbreak of coronavirus took over the world stage. See in this article why to watch this series.

pandemic series on Netflix


on Netflix

The series, available at Netflix, explores the impact of a pandemic and how to fight viral outbreaks. Platform subscribers are looking to understand the new coronavirus through the series.

The synopsis explains that the series’ objective is to make known “the heroes who are at the forefront of the fight against the flu virus and what they are doing to prevent the next global epidemic”.

The one in the series, Jeremiah Crowell said in a recent interview, that the Covid-19 outbreak reinforces the importance of the topics covered in.

It’s amazing and disturbing how it happened, but it’s an absolute coincidence.

Jeremiah Crowell, showrunner of.

Classified as “scary” by, it shows how epidemics like Ebola and the Spanish and Avian Flu are treated by professionals who work to combat them.

Traveling to countries like Egypt, India, USA, Congo and others, there are 6 episodes available on Netflix, each with an average of 50 minutes each.